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Pipe Heating

Winds lowered.  Sky and I were able to get a larger “scrap tarp” on.  About a 2 hour job.  Several holes in these but Bad COVERS Bad…and all helps pad the many willow “nobbies”.

The big GOOD tarp will hide those below….but INSIDE these will need WHITE SHEETS put on to hide all the various colors.  I’ll get those at the 2 Cheap Shops when I can.  I’ll use willows Crisscrossed to help hold ‘em tight.  Did this in my Tipis too…REALLY LOOKED GREAT! Did away with the Drape “Poofs” AND HELPED INSULATE as well!

Sky was goofing around with a long piece of white PVC pipe.  Had part stuck outside into the sun.  Put his ear to the inside (and RAISED) part, to listen.  Looked at me and said “THERE’S HOT AIR COMING THROUGH THIS, Grampa!”  Told him “Heat Rises.  The outside is in the sun.  You’re holding this inner part ABOVE the outside part.  The sun’s heating the outside and rising to you. If this pipe were BLACK, it would be ALOT HOTTER.”

Then it dawned on me…a BLACK pipe(s) run out like that….with a 45 or 90 Degree elbow WOULD HELP HEAT INSIDE OF ANY HOME!  Even in WINTER!  Snow wouldn’t stay on long using Black.  WOW!  A NATURAL Solar HEATER!  NON-ELECTRIC!    ???    re


Exercise Your Mind

You can sharpen your “Mind Doings” by practicing ‘Cloud Control’. This prepares you to Do the “impossibles” I tell you of.
You need to ‘child think’ for just about Any ‘Doings’.  This is the simplest way to start.  CONVINCE YOURSELF!    re


BEAUTIFUL DAY.  A “DO” day.  Cut Sky’s Bed Ledge front.  Leaving a narrow storage “shelf” beside the bed.  On now level main floor will go his 2 seat/table with back to ledge wall.  (There are 2 of these)…the other will be across from this set.

WAS going to dig a storage spot for the portable fire pit but instead have a better place below his Tri-Pod “pots/pans/etc.” area.  Easier to get to when wanted.  Pull it out to middle of floor for “campfire”.  LOTS of inner floor space for this.

Added an upright in a gap.  Will take and move 2 or 3 from circle.  This is going to make that side FAR more WIND RESISTANT.  (The Worse direction to wind).

One upright sprung out of its hole.  MY FAULT.  FORGOT to set THAT ONE Deep!  Easy to fix…slip a PVC “sleeve” on it…dig the deeper hole…put sleeve in and press that into hole.  PTL!

Meachelle came out to see.  LIKES the CHANGES.

Don’t know about Sky tho.  He stays inside and plays his %!##@ games.

That’s ok…taken His Plan and expanded it for better use.  Like it or not…that’s the way it WILL be!  Aho?

He doesn’t know about the added on Toilet area.  WON’T like it!  WILL tho when winter comes!  Either THERE or a COLD WALK to the Other Outhouse.  ( :

Will go add more willow horizontals in a bit.  LOTS of them!  Then will use what wire I have left…do the Top and both Windward sides.  Willows will have to do the rest.  Aho?

Still trying to keep the price down.  Aho?

Used all but 2 PVC pipes.  CLEANING UP THE “TRASH” LOOK of our “yard”.

M, in looking about…”sees” yet ANOTHER dome…darn near filling up the area.  A True “VILLAGE”!

Can, but can ALSO make THAT as a SWEAT LODGE!  (or do both).

Have enough salvage to do this AND 2 OR 3 OTHER Places….AND the room FOR ‘em…withOUT “crowding”.


Creator knows, “as is”, right NOW, I’ve plenty of “Guest(S)” Room!   ( :  ( :

Skydome sleeps one (on the ledge) n 2 to 3 ON THE FLOOR (if wanted / needed). Add THOSE and STILL SPACE TO MOVE ABOUT…this is THAT BIG!!!

Using 4 inch foam rubber as the “mattresses”.  ON HAND (freebys) ones.   ( :

Just more “trash” around this place.  Aho?

Turning Trash into Treasure….USEABLE treasure.  PTL!

So that’s “it” for now.  GB    re


Skydome Report

ALL Uprights now up.  This thing is HUGE!  As wide as my Fancy #1 dome is LONG  (18 ft.)…and 6 FULL STEPS long (3 ft per step=18 too ??).  Gotta get a tape on it though, to get an accurate measurement.  Anyway, a “PARTY SHACK”!  Too wide to meet the side uprights so will need to “sleeve” with larger pvc.  That means $$ needed.  sigh.  Might need to Prop Up at top too.  Just to be SURE it will take a snowload. Probably be wise to do so.  Don’t want all THIS work to go to pot!  ( : 

Trouble though….I can’t build closer then 10 ft from the Freeway Elk Fence….THINK I’m 9 FEET!  Again, gotta get a Tape on this.  sigh

Sky changed his mind on Cross Ventilation end window.  Think I’ll put a SMALL one in though…as an excellent idea.  Help keep inner condensation at bay.  Aho?

There will be a tall(ish) CLOSET in this one.  On the side up to the bed ledge.  That ledge will be 3 to 4 steps up.  A natural ledge above main floor area.

Finally ran out of strapping tape.  Can’t do side willows (horizontals) ‘til I get my SS $$ or a donation comes in.  Wednesday, at the latest.  I bought a 3 ft. wide roll of carpet (new) at a yard sale for a buck.  No WAY big enough to rug the floor, but WILL cover the Bed Ledge Steps. Anyway, use it somewhere.  Will keep my eyes open for a HUGE section.  Sky wants the main floor rugged.  OK by me…as this is more a HOUSE then EITHER of the other 2 domes!  God Willing, This will be a HECK OF AN ABODE!  Shoot… I may MOVE IN!  big  Big  BIG!  HUGE “BIG”!     I WANT it to look SHARP!  Sky does too.

So far its mostly me doing (again).  GOTTA TEAR HIM AWAY FROM HIS DANG VIDEO GAMES…AND his USELESS Free-Loading Buddies!  Grrrrr

Got him out to see what’s done so far.  He “Freaked”!  “I BET THE WHOLE  S  C  H  O  O  L  CAN FIT IN HERE, GRANDPA!  ALL OF ‘EM!”  ( :

OK, that’s it for now.  GB    re

Sky & Sky Dome

SkyDome comeing right along.  BEAUTIFUL DAY to “DO”.  Thing is, I’m doing the Uprights nearly alone.  Sky and “helper” help (HA!) a TINY BIT and are STILL here playing @$#!!! Video Games.

Does have it’s Good Side tho….no griping and “huffing” to listen to as I do the PVC Uprights.  Several in already…AND a ROUND WINDOW FRAME (Hula Hoop)!

Even the PVC and Conduit pipes were GIVEN, MANY years ago!  My cost so far: STRAPPING TAPE…and THAT roll bought 2-3 Xmases ago.  Using THIS instead of string Ties.  GOING UP FAST so far.  About 3 1/2 10s done all around.

Uprights are Easy…getting ‘em connected at top will be another matter.   This dome is more an oval then round….that’s why it will be difficult.

OK, dragged the boys out. Sought Sky’s advice to make SURE his design is being met.  So far so good.

Back in from #2 dome.  Marshmallow roast and more laughter.  Seems kids are only interested in DVD Games and FOOD!  ( :  

I’m getting better at these domes.  Fast and more PERMANENT.  The use of pvc is great and would sure go that route in the future…IF I didn’t have to BUY the stuff!   Won’t rot/bends rightly.  Fast!

The HORIZONTALS are still Willow.  Looks good and easy to get.  Holds the whole structure tight together.  Being INSIDE the tarp cover they won’t rot either.  Aho?

I’ve learned to NOT “shovel” dig the upright holes, too.  Pound in a Garden Trowel.  Then deeper with a stout “stick”.  This keeps the holes deep and VERY tight….RIGHT OFF! Shovel makes these holes to much trouble to “toughen up”.  Aho?

OK, enough for now.  GB    re


Got an interview with Zeph Daniels in a few minutes.  Thought I’d Email and share this:

I may live in the NOW.

It will be The PAST we need to KNOW to get by in the FUTURE.  NOW is the time to LEARN that PAST.
“Tomorrow” will be too difficult AND can be OVERWHELMING.  THEN you’ll wish you HAD Learned the PAST.

Too late.  Too late.


Ho.   re

The podcast is here, on the 2009 Podcast & Radio Shows page. (WS)