Exercise Your Mind

You can sharpen your “Mind Doings” by practicing ‘Cloud Control’. This prepares you to Do the “impossibles” I tell you of.
You need to ‘child think’ for just about Any ‘Doings’.  This is the simplest way to start.  CONVINCE YOURSELF!    re


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3 Responses to “Exercise Your Mind”

  1. James Herring says:

    im not concerned with becoming a medicine man…im an uplifter…people can heal themselves if they could only think properly…regardless of all of Christ’s ability he knew how to think…which gave him immense power to begin with. he just knew that he knew that he knew that he knew. but i am interested in doing the ‘doings’ this blog speaks of…hear tidbits on youtube….intrigues me

  2. Teri says:

    Hello again Red Elk,
    If you don’t mind my asking, what is”cloud control” ?

  3. Living Documents says:

    Simply ordering a cloud to go where you want…forward / backward / merge with others / disappear. Any can do this. re