Been passing a small pile of river and field rocks.  Gonna see the farmer and see if I can have ‘em.  MORE then enough to do all needed inside Skydome.  Any left will go on outside dirt mound (berm).  Will look kind of nice when everything is finished….grass  /  wild    flowers and these stones sticking out here and there.  Will be looking for more…for all 3 domes’ berming.

Not at all needed…but these have become a passion of Love for me.  Gonna be a shame to leave ‘em when we move.

Still, what I learn here will be applied on the new place’s abode….so not “useless” to me.

I’ve made mistakes on these along the line…LEARNING “mistakes.”

Having no “set” plans…just imagination becoming an actual FACT, MEANS mistakes will happen.  “Ghost” knows THIS “story.”

He and his wife are “quite the pair”.  GUTSY and UNAFRAID.  “DOers”…despite little to “do” WITH.  Aho?

He has “more”     than we do…and has been able to build a small HOME.  Mine?  Doing what I can with the little we have.  The results are still the same….A NEW “HOME”.  Ones almost ALL can afford (one of mine cost a Dime).

Friends, there no need to panic as we slide into “Zilch”.  It’s NOT “the end of the World”…simply a change of RETHINKING your REAL “needs”.

“DAD” IS SHOWING YOU THIS in “Ghost’s” and my many “conversations” on his Hub “Build a Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget”.

You’d be wise to check his out.  GB    re



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