Watching a TV show called DOWNSIZED.    Folks trying to keep from eviction.  This a family of 6.  4 teens.  Dad bought a device that cuts off shower water in 5 minutes.  WOW !  The FIT the GIRLS are having !  Used to 20 + min. showers.  “CAN’T WASH / RINSE (hair / etc.) in 5 MINUTES!”

Guess they never heard of Navy Showers.  Even the gals know how.

This family HAD a 1 Million $ a year salary.  Now trying to pay RENT.  MANSION living…on a “DIME!”

On food stamps and ALL using it!   THOUGHT they had $50.00…..ONLY HAD $2.10!  Had to take all but a Pack of Gravy back to the shelves. TEEN GIRL was “SO EMBARRASSED”!!!

Dad falling apart. CAN’T MAKE THE RENT.  To be evicted.

The MOTHER is the STRONG ONE!  (I could “work” with HER!)

This is more and more common.  When the $$ stops, “Life” stops!

The boys “Dumpster Diving” and LAUGHING ABOUT IT!  “Cool”   DAD HAVING A FIT!  (“we’ve come to THAT?!!!”).  Just “DOWN”.  Aho?

Oldest girl just given a car (grandparents) for her 16th B.Day.  NO GAS $$…NO INSURANCE $$.

She’s just PI–ed OFF gaLORE!

A question:  how are YOU doing?  HAVE YOU PREPARED!   ???   HAVE YOU PAID ATTENTION!??

!’m willing to bet…MOST WILL FALL APART (like these on show).

dang…………………..   re



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3 Responses to “Downsized – Will You Fall Apart, Too?”

  1. M says:

    music to my ears! x bit worried for the family though!! they must not have a schedule?! ??

  2. Whale Sister says:

    (Won’t answer often, but this is too important, thus : ) YOU / I and MOST have this ‘problem’. Still, once a girl is 12 and a boy is 13….they are “Adults” in “Pop’s” eye. Thus are on their OWN PATH from there on in.
    By EXAMPLING , the “Now Adult” can see / ask / learn….or not.
    Much as we Love ’em….from that age forward, it’s now “TRUST GODCREATOR TO HANDLE ‘EM”.

    Not at all an easy thing to do…but MUST be done.

    Most of us may never see the Results of a “wayward”. After we die and pass over…and then THEY do ditto….THEN we’ll Know.

    Just LOVE….and EXAMPLE….and Trust. That’s OUR Job. The rest is between the “errant” and “Dad”. Aho? re