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The Real DNA

Animals fascinate me. Observing all I can as time permits.  Watching how they interact within their own species…as well as others.  This isn’t limited to the 4-legged ‘people’, but insects and worms, birds….well, All.

We all know bees and ants have their way of communicating. Elephants…even fish.  All ‘talk’…in their way.

But to be a PART of these ‘chats’….well, WOW!

Most will never obtain this ability….but, by observing, can Still “get the drift”.

“BODY Language” is now mankind’s most basic.

I’d like to let you know, though, Adam and Eve…and a number of their generations could CONVERSE…mind to mind.  This was an ability to converse with EVERYTHING.

That same ability is embedded into EVERY HUMAN BEINGS’ DNA !

The “Memory Box” we Medicine People call the “Upstairs Knowledge”.

Today, even Scientists and Psychologists / Etc. do not understand we ALL carry ALL KNOWLEDGE.

From Adam and Eve to US.  ALL, embedded in the Passed-On GENES of DNA…..the SOULS within us.

Yes, I said SOULS.  Quad-TRILLIONS of INDIVIDUAL SOULS that work together, as One….that ALL ONE making up what we call SOUL (ONE).

These MANY make ONE.  Literally EACH DNA has ALL of our ancestors’ PASSED-ON remembrances of our Former Ancestor(s).


As we go through our life, we collect knowledge too.  Our Own knowledge.  THIS IS INSERTED INTO   O  U  R   DNA “memories”.

As we create a new life (baby), through our EGG and SPERM combined ‘as one’…into the now-forming fetus.  Thus your mother and father, THEIR mother and father and THEIR mother and father…and on down to the Original two (Adam and Eve)….are EMBEDDED INTO the NEW FETUS.


MEMORY is what makes the SOUL.

Scientists and Doctors may know things like “the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone” / etc..  But they know nothing of the Psyche of man.

Without knowing, they run into perplexions they don’t understand.

One, for instance, is body TRANSPLANTS.

Blood and Skin cells die in 24 hrs, thus too short lived to do what a new Liver or Heart / Etc. does.

These ‘parts’ from a deceased one.  FILLED WITH THAT NOW ‘DEAD’ ONE’S LIFE LINE OF HIS / HER MEMORY SOULS.

A transplant patient NOW HOLDS 2 DIFFERENT Life Line SOULS!

Their own, AND that of the DECEASED.

This, in turn, occasionally gives the new recipient FEELINGS and LIKES the Getter NEVER HAS HAD!

A Non-Drinker (patient) suddenly WANTS A BEER!

The DONOR, LOVED BEER!      Etc. Etc.    Aho?

Not all getters see a change.  Why?  LIKE-MINDED WITH THE DONOR!   Thus, no change.  Aho?

Do you see the IMPLICATIONS in this knowledge?

If your bloodline were Farmers…simply mate with another of similar dna-Like family Lifeline.  YOU THEN HAVE A NEW (and, hopefully….more ADVANCED) future farmer.

Warror?  Ditto.   Presidential line….ditto.  Etc. Etc.


Scientists / Doctors do this by DNA “splitting/mixing”.  Faster.

Aliens do this to us as well.  Faster.

WE do it every time we have a child…SLOWER but NATURALLY.  EVOLUTIONary.  Aho?

ANIMALS as well.  Allowing stronger to survive…EACH TIME.

We HUMANS are breeding into to 3 types.  “Leaders,”     “Middle Management,”    and COMMON (laborers).

A 4th is now being inserted now as well : Middle Management WARRIORS.  The LEADER Warriors use THEM to use WE “COMMON Men.”

The COMMON men are “expendable”…..a “dime a dozen”.  The “Dahs” of the human “chain”.

(“Hell, we have no need to Up their abilities….they are doing just fine on their own.  They’ll Screw ANYTHING!”)

Harsh, but true.

We are NOT ANIMALS…..We / YOU…can BETTER YOURSELF.  Simply change your ways….do G(O)OD(ly) things.  THIS IMPROVES YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN.  As THEY “catch on” to this, and repeat, then YOU have STARTED a FUTURE that is ALL OF LOVE! re

PS:  Watch some doctor or psychologist or scientist or ? read this and “run with the ball”.  CLAIMING IT ALL AS THEIR “FINDING”.  Ol’ Red Elk will never get credit or a CENT out of it.  No ‘fame’. No NOTHING.  Just another theft from an ignorant savage).   re


A sister wrote:

Saw the new pics today.  Wonderful.  How in the world did you do that entry way?  What is that?  Can’t quite make it out in the photo?  Boy, is that place looking sharp or what?!!!!!

Good job.  Re, please get some rest though, ok?   Want you around for a while.  love you

That entry EXTENSION are 2 LATTICE “Wind Breaks” any can buy at lumber yards and many bigger “all around” stores (Costco / Bi-Mart / Fred Myers / Etc. I got those at Habitat For Humanity ($4.00 for 2 big ones (those) and 2 smaller ones. 8 ft. long by 5 ft. high.  Just turned on end and bent ‘em over a bit to create a better “gnome” entry.  To the right side (inside) is a large space I call “the mud room.”  Simply a place to leave your boots / etc. there and not mess the floor inside.  There is a larg(ish) opening there, next to the right side of the main doorway.  That allows even more light inside.  Will cover that in clear Shower Curtain plastic.

At the top of both lattices I have a thick branch connecting the two at the top.  (This not well defined in the photo).  Bent at the top outside end.  Looks good and adds an “outdoorsy” (Gnome-Like) look.

I intend to line outside with LARGE stones around the whole dome…then toss dirt berming from those, up.

I’ve now got all I need to complete the inside (I THINK).  Just a matter of doing, now.  Putting on linseed oil on all wooden furniture / etc.  Spray paint the small round galvanized “shower tub”….seat the flagstone tiles and other general small things needed.  Will add 1 shelf to the side and above the kitchen shelf…another at the head of the bed.

In short, VERY close to done INside.  Still to clean up OUTside and start rocking / berming.

I will seed the berm with grass and wild flower seeds as I do this.

This dome is DOUBLE Trenched.  INSIDE along wall and OUTSIDE along wall.

So, as you can tell, still much to do to be what I “see” as totally complete.

The only thing I wish I had is a chimney through the top.  Even with double insulated chimney pipe, it doesn’t stop the excessive heat that passes by.  Melting my pvc pipe and willows that meet up there.  So …. SMOKEY Inside when fire is started AND DYING.  Between…FINE.

Any similar done I will use the frame of an “Apartment Trampoline”.  Setting the pvc and willows at its EDGE.  Leaving plenty of space at the top there.  Double Insulated Chimney will then be a safe option.  Either do THAT or build up the frame like a giant inverted “funnel”.  An African Hut “way”.  Our BIG dome (other property) is on that “line”.  Heat rises…and SMOKE is HEAT…the inverted “funnel” will catch this and guide the smoke out.  Trapped and “guided” to smoke exit opening.

You learn by mistakes.  Always improving on the next being built.  Aho?    re

From one of the brothers who worked:

More work was done on Sky’s dome. This little dome home is really taking shape. The doorway was expanded and now has wind and snow protection. A second tarp was added to make the dome weather tight. There is more work needed to secure the tarp from blowing off but we used sand bags and rocks to hold it down for now. A hole was added to the new tarp so the side window is working.  Some tile work was done on the in side.

SkyDome Adam John Red Elk - 7 Nov 2010

Sky's Side window - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Front Door - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Tile Work - 7 Nov 2010

The other parts are here.


Red Elk, M and I just watched this YouTube video about a man who builds houses and teaches others…out of scraps, and other people’s throw aways. I got tears in my eyes and lump in my throat. It’s wonderful. You gotta see his “windows” made out of flat clear glass salad plates, and the broken mirrors, and broken tiles. YOU WILL LOVE THIS.
Titled “Recycled Houses” posted by Texas Country Reporter

You’re RIGHT ! Guy on the “right track”….in GIVING.
May not be my “style” but CERTAINLY in my CORNER!

Good to know Ghost and I are not alone. HO!

Adam and Canada John are here. Will have THEM watch as well….then put this on my Blog 4 others to see.

Well folks, still “going at it” at SkyDome.  GOT HIS BED “set” TODAY!  A BIG “need to”!   Some leveling yet to do there.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Getting MORE AND MORE “EYE POPPING” daily.  Help due tomorrow and Friday, Creator willing…MIGHT EVEN GET THE FINAL TARP OVER IT !


Am at NEARLY $350.00 on this so far (less gas).  Should NOT be over $400.00!  THAT’S CHEAP for a Place of your OWN!  (Remember tho…most is of “Scrounged” material).  I suspect perhaps 3 times…maybe 4, if I had to BUY everything.

Still, it gives you an idea of just what IS possible IF you think “outside the box” and with Eyes OPEN.  Aho?    re


I’m well aware I am sharing with all kinds of people.  Many beliefs.  Many “ways.”

I have no qualm stating I follow Christ.  But I also know many don’t.

We each have our “way”.  Aho?

I have seen, and am still seeing, what the Great Creator showed me in the 3 days ‘Great Vision’.

ALL are,  now.

So, with that in mind, I share ALL with ALL.  Building domes from salvage and natural but a part of this.  ‘Preparing’ means, yet another.

The readers who want to ‘glean’ in the ‘fields of knowledge’ that I share about can be used by one and all.

At least those reading this blog, know where I stand….

YOU ARE OF THE SAME MIND-WOMB that am I.  ONE Relation in that way.  Brothers and sisters to me / all.

I, as He who we 12 follow, love you ALL.

In this, I share.

Use what you deem useful.  BUT…PLEASE, PREPARE!  Our world is NOT getting better.

Things are ‘tough’ world wide.

In HIM, I share.

Good Luck to you ALL!



By observing nature, one can get some tremendous Survival Insights.

Knowing a bit about trees and their Roots can help one locate SURFACE WATER.  Willows of ALL species have SHALLOW roots.  If you see these, you are seeing WATER…VERY close to the surface.

Ants build OVER water flow “systems”.  The ants that have the LARGE (“dome”) homes….by CIRCLE WALKING and finding other similar “domes” and “mark them” (to mind or flagging….you’ll “SEE” the water “stream” below.  Then know the waters, “flow”. ALL Shallow water YOU can easily dig to, for YOU.

Squirrels build LEAF NESTS for winter.  “Follow”.  LEAF PILES KEEP YOU WARM.

Birds “Fluff” their feathers to INSULATE.  LAYER YOUR CLOTHING to keep warm.

Flies congregate at particular places on your CEILING.  HEAT RISES…right?  Thus INSULATION IN Landing Spots” THE ATTIC is WELL INSULATED at those Landing Spots.  TRAPPING HEAT from Escaping  KEEPS THE FLIES WARM.   “Look” to THEM to “see” your “weak” insulation areas.

Certain STONES are OLD RIVERBED stones.  Look for these and “follow” an ancient river.  STILL WATER below them, tho now DEEPER.  LOOK FOR A “HOLED” spot…where an ancient river / stream had “drilled” at the base of a WATERFALL.  Water still THERE…deep, but there.

Man is made of Earth…thus “attached” to her yet.  DOWSING WORKS!  Internet HOW TOs galore “out there”.  LEARN.

Look at the DEEP SNOW beasts and fowl.  WELL INSULATED FEET.  Add the DEAD GRASSES / LEAFS to INSULATE EVEN YOUR SOCKS…top AND bottom…as EMERGENCY “Moccasins”) foot wear.  EVEN STUFF YOUR CLOTHING “Ditto”. EVEN WET ONES will dry next to your body… DO get AND KEEP, Warm.

Look TOO at their FEET / Foot Prints….WIDE!  IE : SNOWSHOES!  Ditto the MOOSE…SWAMP AND “MUD / MUCK” SHOES. SPREAD YOUR FEET OUT…Make or Buy snowshoes (if you live in that “type” of area).

Look at the 2 POLES.  All the Ice and Snow.  We are AS the Earth…..KEEP YOUR HEAD COVERED so “ice” doesn’t “collect” and let heat leave your “poles”.  Head AND Feet…INSULATE!

Look at the countries of the EQUATOR.  Too HOT?  USELESS “Foliage” around your middle.

Look to “Mother” and the insects YOUR area has.  CERTAIN COLORS ATTRACT CERTAIN INSECTS.  Certain PLANTS REPEL CERTAIN INSECTS, simply by the ODOR of the Plant.

Dress FOR THE AREA…SMUDGE or CRUSH and Rub On with the plant’s Juices.

The “Sacred Plants” we NA still use to burn / smudge, was, ORIGINALLY….N.A. “BUG OFF”!

BY OBSERVING NATURE you can “get by” where others pay High Electric Bills…or Perish.   re


Problems here at our house,  a VERY OLD trailer house.  Needs COMPLETE REWIRING….Most (all) new WINDOWS….BIG Over-Roof ROOF NOW LEAKING….Water problems.  HIGH Electrical bills.



No $$ to get up there and finish it YET!  BUT, HE’S POINTING More and MORE to THAT DIRECTION!


I’m telling this to have YOU look at YOUR situation.  Is He doing SIMILAR, to YOU?!

Are YOU getting “signs” of similar?



You may be one of those.  Ho.

Ok, WATCH for “nudgings” / “hints” / Etc..  GB   re


The Bathroom Doorway

SkyDome's Bathroom Doorway

The Side Window

SkyDome Side Window