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If you’ve the money to get and learn these following languages….it WILL be WISE! ;



Arabian (major ones)

German (I suggest Alexandra Dittmann)



By knowing what is said in THEIR “Circle”…And DON’T LET ON YOU UNDERSTAND…you will be in a FANTASTIC “position”. Able to Leap” if “leaping” is called for.
A “SPY” for you and others.


Spanish the LESS of the above.

I’d suggest friends / family each pick a DIFFERENT language.




Election Coverage

Well, election over.  “Dad” has had HIS will.
Doesn’t matter really.  Armageddon on…..FAST now.
“In those day, TIME will be SPEEDED UP”.  
Now I suggest: TIGHTEN UP your holdings. Things will now QUICKLY be taking place.
Good luck.    
Today I’ve witnessed the “end’.  Though I’ve yet not seen the “days of the Red Sun,”, this election shows me its DAWN.

We have chosen….few being aware of this as being a Critical moment in mankind’s near (now NOW) immediate future.  Thus:  TIGHTEN UP! 
Aho?  sigh (and CRY). 

Wood Burning

Don’t know about YOUR area, but here: Snow and WINTER.
For you wood burners, I write this, for others contemplating a PELLET stove:  Before you get one, THINK!  If your Elect, goes “down”…SO DOES THE PELLET STOVE!  It NEEDS ELECTRICITY TO RUN.
In short, if you think it’s a good “Back Up” buy…it ISN’T!  Aho?
Now for the others:  If you are one within reach of a SAWDUST Pile,  GET PAPER BAGS….Along with “cast-off” Tiny wood CHIPS (etc.).   Doesn’t need to be BIG pieces,  Then mix some of the little pieces Within a BAG of SAWDUST,  Do this in paper bags.  Fold the top over your “mix” and light.
The “chips” will cause the SAWDUST to Rekindle via those chips…keeping the sawdust smoldering and heating.  Aho?
We had a 55 gallon Barrel Stove,  Each night we’d put in 3 bags,  BURNED ALL NIGHT!  Only took 3 bags to keep our 2 bedroom, place comfortable.   Did this 2 winters (before moving).  Sure cut down on fire wood.
Good Luck,  GB   re


Watching a new series of “Preppers”.  Simply a new batch of fearfull people.  “Christians” included.
Like a number in past shows,  “Bug Out” ready.  I am too…but in a super light way.  You see, I HAVE THE CREATOR’S PROMISES…and FULLY BELIEVE in THIS!
Most have “run to” spots (as do we)….GIVEN spot.  10 acres.  I can only TRUST “Dad” will WARN US to “GO!”.
What type Prepping are they / you prepping for”  Earthquake?  Fire?  Radiation?
Will your “spot” be as ours:  across MANY Bridges?
BRIDGES FALL DOWN!  so…how FAR do you INTEND TO GET (to your “spot”.  EXPECT SOME WON’T BE POSSIBLE.  You’ll only get so far / park / and die right there (always a possibility).  Aho?
What if it’s a “controlled” happening (Government)?  ARE you aware “they” can KILL YOUR ENGINE at THEIR Discretion?
Whatever, to WALK.  No matter what the “event”…
THIS “engine killing” HAS BE KNOWN (and USED) since early WWII!   (NEVER USED cause War = MONEY.  Aho?)
In short, folks….our only SAFE way to survive, is STICKING in “HIM”!
YOU don’t understand…YOU.
We are ALL simply ENERGY.  Literately, a (“His”) DREAMING!
ALL is of the SAME Energy. 
YOU call your body…and all around you:  REALITY.   This its ‘firm’ in your mind.  In mine though….I see Gods’ WORD….We / EVERYTHING, is simple “His” THOUGHT (dream) ENERGY.
Learn THAT to FULL KNOWING..and you need NEVER Fear.
Good Luck.   In “Him”….

Camping WATER TIP – Plus

How to get  portable water while hiking:  I bought a small FOLDING umbrella (1,00 Cheap Shop) and a pair of lady’s Nylon socks (49 cents…same shop).  I’ve cut a 1 inch hole at top of umbrella and glued a patch of sock over the hole. Then added a stabilizing “line” on the INVERTED (now) umbrellas AND packed a large mouth CAN in / around the can.  Both little hole and can opening now  “filters” from debris / insect and  mice entry.  (I will buy a collapsible BOWL ($16.00) when I’ve spare $$…more convenient to take and less room in pack then a can.

The umbrella turned up-side-down and placed (at a slight tilt) atop the container.  Any rain / snow / dew(?) now caught. 
The FOUR lines staked down to hinder wind.  Aho?
The Weight and Size quite “takeable”.
With this you now have a regular umbrella to ward off rain…sun, and possibly a Solar Cooker  (I’ll leave THAT How To up to you).
More: I got my Wash Board today.  Till I get a Hand Wringer, I’m all set.  I’ve a Very Dirty pair of jeans and a white T shirt.  Gonna see how well the WASH PLUNGER / Boar and “sweat” will do on these tonight.  I’ll have to Wring by hand for now.
I’ll use FELS NAPTHA soap…as did my mother and grandmother.  It’s still sold at supermarkets.
I’ll add some VINEGAR (can use other “odors”).  This to keep Ticks / Etc., away.
Hope these help someone.  
Ordered  the Clothes Washer PLUNGER last night.  Should arrive by the 11th of Oct…Then, if more donations come in, I’ll get a Galvanized PAIL Sized Wash Board.  Should be “set” then.  Intend too to get 1 larger fiberglass “pails” at BiMart store in town.  That should complete our cloths washing needs.
We can string clothesline at opposite trees.  Aussy Dave has a SUPER Big ROUND Wash Hanger, NICE, and MIGHT invest in the same eventually.
My Grandmother taught my sister and myself how to dry clothes / etc. during winter freezes.  Hang them on the line…let them freeze…beat the ice off…freeze again…beat again.  Thick things need 3 beatings.  Then drape on things indoors to finish drying.
The place looked like a tornado had hit….not a lot of room to set (4 peoples things) but the house smelled GREAT (finale ‘STEAM’ injected the homes air).  Smelled so CLEAN inside.
SUNSHINE does something no machine dryer can EVER do.  A pure blessing from God to wear or sleep (sheets) to have to use.
There’s  a HAND WRINGER one can put on a bucket.  Another to place on the outside of an RV.  My wife wants one.
I was taught (grandma again) to be SURE to FOLD Buttons / etc. UNDER a shirt (etc.) them before placing through a wringer….OR FACE BROKEN AND MISSING BUTTONS.
These hand powered wringers sure beat hand WRUNG doing.
Creating less drying time.
IF no wringer…we’ve SPANISH WINCH doing (for heavy cloth (jeans / etc.) and sheets, etc..
To do this you hook one end to a stationary post / tree….tIe a stick to the other….anD TWIST the stick.  “Wringing” out the water.
Its a slow process but effective.  Good for heavy blankets / sleeping bags / etc..
With the Hand Plunger…..FAR LESS WATER IS NEEDED.  A Plus in the water shortage we will (and in some places now) times.
Though few will do so….LOIN CLOTHS for At Home wear is a great clothing choice.  EASY to wash….COMFORTABLE to wear.
Women can drape a flat piece over their breast, tie around the neck and in back.
MANY Native American used these as daily wear.  TARZAN TOO!  ( :
If you have a piece of “woodsy” land…consider this.  Leave “regular” cloths for In-Town use.  At the same time, this allows very simple / easy / fast, washing.  A great TIME Saver.
I’m fully aware on River and Rock beating washing.  Works, but hard on you.  Still………..
If a 2 bucket (Wash / Rise)  is used:  Wash in one…then rinse in the other.  If possible save the WASH water (if using biodegradable soaps) to water your garden with….the RINSING water then poured into the (now empty) Washing one.  Use that to wash your next load.  Water saving.  Aho?
My mother did once a week washing when I was a child.  Doing so for 5 kids / self and father.  A hard task.  Heated water via an open pit fire (not NEEDED…COLD water does as well) to wash…an oval galvanized container, Wash Board.  A LOT of sweat n Hard work.  Yes, I remember………………..
Early White American gals had a bucket placed on the back of their ROCKING Chairs.  They’d set / Rock/ and HAND SPIN at the same time.  The rocking motion washing the small cloths within the bucket.
Even dirty cloths in soapy buckets in tour car works (we’ve often done so) works as you drive about, works.  UTILIZE!  Aho?
Friends, we are entering into some really rough times.  Might as well at least be aware of the SIMPLE (but Hard) ways now…for THEN.
and DON’T FORGET OUR GODCREATOR in all this coming harshness.
We CAN “make it”.  Aho?
Yes, I’m still ‘about’, still trying to help.  I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP ON YOU.  Aho?  HO!
Your brother, in HIM…..
Red Elk
A friend uses a FAR CHEAPER way to squeeze water from washed cloths:  a MOP BUCKET MOP SQUEEZER!


First Jogger Trial

Got it fully packed and headed for a One (+) mile.
Dirt and Gravel….WOODS and Hills…Slopes and UPs UPs UPS…then DOWN DOWN DOWN!
IT did great…I though, another matter. ( :
Took it to friends off in the boonies.
Three Rest Stops UP…One DOWN.
Learned quite a bit too.

Wearing Water Socks and TOTALLY worn out. Slicker than “S….”.
Now SUPER THIN. Like wearing Snow Skis when going down. “Spin Out” going UP!
Yup…need light weight Lugged Footwear when using THIS!

#2: Forgot that bottles of Pop “Fizzle” with the jogger’s “rock-n-roll”.
(Gotta remember that!).

#3: Front brake caliper needs adjustment.

#4: Would be wise to buy/take extra Brake Pads.

#5: A slight “zig zag” going, helpful…Up OR Down.

#6: I’m REALLY Out Of Shape!

(3 rest breaks UP…one DOWN).

# 7: Handlebar height JUST RIGHT for my 5 ft. 5 1/2 inch “frame.”

#8: It WORKS….and LIKE A CHARM!!!

# 9: Despite the high(ish) loading….No problem Tipping…even on some “bad” roadside slopes.

#10: OTHERS are SO IMPRESSED…THEY want to “try it”.
(Great news for ME) ( :

#11: STEALTHY! (“I didn’t hear you DRIVE up!”) ( :

#12: CAN BE MADE LIGHTER (gear).

#13: A “Swivel Wheel” front wheel NOT NEEDED. EASY enough to maneuver in ANY terrain. SWIVEL would be more a HINDERENCE then a help…UNLESS ON GOOD ROADs ONLY.

#14: A “Double” is WIDE…stopping serious camping in Off-Road use.
Now to a Camp-Out trial on our property. This after I better consider my “tent”.

I have my big Wiggy’s Sleeping bag on this…will go to its inner lining only (‘til it starts to get too cold).

I will also go to a smaller Back Pack.
These alone will save Weight and Space.

But folks, it rolls like a CHARM…it WORKS as HOPED. PTL!


Well, went to our Safe Land / Dome. Shared expenses with Adam.
I wanted and DIDN’T want to go. Seemed OK but somehow not quite right.

Warned Adam about HUGE amount of deer and to go slow. He dropped to 39 mph. Slow to him but 30 would have been better. Hit a big doe. His Pick Up fixable. Deer limped off to die (broken leg dangling). Sigh.

His trailer brakes acted up…he adjusted them OK though…My neck “went out” during the night and HIS tailbone…Ate chili with what I’m allergic to, right lip and hand still swollen…couldn’t locate my allergy pills (forgot to add to my small “Walk-Away” kit)…So weak I fell 3 times and then ALMOST twice into the camp-fire…Adam stopped a fourth fall while I was water dowsing for a friend.
And I’m gonna RUN!????

Adam feels the same way about himself…

Shoot, I couldn’t even run to take a Pee! Yup, WET MY PANTS before I could stand from a sit-down position.! EVERY DROP!

Nothing I could do about it…no spare clothing…


I slid to the bottom of my sleeping bag and rolled off its side onto Adam.

“WHY?” asked a sleepy Adam.

Well Adam, you took the only FLAT spot! (True, too).

First night I layed on a good size stone. Adam said “I cleared the area…there’s no stones”.

He was right…it was a petrified pine cone.

Must of been 400 ft round! Damn…

After hiring a Back Ho and a Crane it was finally dug out and removed. By then I was dead tired and placed my bag over the hole. Immediately folded and slipped into a fetal position. Slept like a baby….till I had to pee again.

Was like climbing out of a GRAVE!

Did “my thing” and headed back. The bag was GONE! Deep below all the dirt that caved in on my climb up.

Laid on top…till the red ants found me. Then crawled over to the big pine-cone. Slept there…bent kinda funny. (Sleep on my back).

Yup, we was CAMPING…and Having FUN!

The dome now needs some major repair. Can Do though. IF I can stay on a ladder and IF I can LIFT a ladder!

Well, despite all Adam and I met and shared with a fellow “hillbilly”.

That alone was worth the WHOLE TRIP.

On the way home (a day earlier than intended) Adam top off his fuel tank. “We’ll make it to AM/PM in Thorp on this, and fill up there”.

I told him he should stop before and get 5 more gallons first.

“Nope, well make it”.

Pride goes before a fall.

Three towns from his targeted station we ran outta gas. LESS THEN A FOURTH OF A MILE FROM A STATION!

He had a gas can, full, so pulled that out. Then I heard some mumbling. Then some more searching. He came up with a gas transfer hand pup.

“I’m ALWAYS PREPARED!” he said.

“Wheres the nozzle to your can?”

Adam said, “I forgot it…”

Then the hand pump broke. Brand New too! But pumped enough to get us to the station. PTL!

Adam wants to learn, but not wanting to Hear. ALWAYS learns the Hard Way….and a deers life was a strong lesson to him (I HOPE).

So…we talked about a “Run Kit” for the elderly during this adventure: DUAL SURVIVAL FOR THE ELDERLY

A card with phone #s for UROLOGIST, SURGEON, 911, Lawyer, Next of kin, Boy Scouts of America, Heart Specialist, “Catheters R Us”, Cell Phone Service, etc., and A match. ( :


I’m building to please my wife…thus: “BIG”.

Frankly I don’t know if it can be afforded, HER way. All I can do to get to town anymore…let alone get to the property AND HAVE the materials needed. (Looks rather bleak).

Still, DO have whats needed to TENT (cover) it…IF and WHEN I can get back up there.

Meachelle (“M”) does like what I’ve done with “Sky’s Dome”. Sees it as a SPARE Liveable “home”. At $450.00. (the amount to get / stay a week / return and refill the Pick Up)…it’s DONE (but clean-up). Furnished and all.

THAT is a LIVABLE ABODE Most CAN afford.

Knowing her, shed pack it full of “must have” “STUFF”. So…a simple dome (like Adams) that cost 10 CENTS, can hold THAT ‘crap’.


Even one to hold Fire Wood. AHO.

This ‘life’ is a KISS doing. Even the “small ones” CAN BE MADE BY 10 YR OLDS (under adult supervision)!


A FAMILY Affair. Aho?

In my three minis, we have Electric via an extension cord to the house. This, for HER. I can do quite well without.

ANYTIME YOU “NEED” ELECTRIC, be it from On Line to a Generator / etc., YOU FACE BREAKDOWNS AND FUEL, etc., Problems. MORE MONEY as we ADVANCE” INTO “THIS TIME”.

Friends, this is NOT yesterday…it’s NOW time..AND WILL GET WORSE!

There WILL be a “Yesterday” “come back”. This will give people a FALSE sense of “security”. Yet will be only a TEMPORARY “breather”.

OK, a serious of Mini Domes verses Government Subsidized (tax $$) motel rooms, etc. THESE WILL BE ONLY FOR a LIMITED TIME. Eventually you’ll be Out on the Streets again.


Oh, and don’t RENT land…at least LEASE IT
(7 to 10 years if you can). OR OWN!


I too lack construction knowledge but NOT common Sense.
I’ve three MINNY domes here, and still the still incomplete BIG one on our other property. That is 30 diameter INSIDE x 19 1/2 High.
It’s a combo of Eskimo Igloo (long entryway overhang) / ONION shaped (but “cut” on the FLAT base (near center). A Loft with Bed Room there AND below it.
“2 bedrooms” this way. A flat topped Wood stove for heat and cooking In the CENTER. Seating with Storage around all but Bedroom and Doorway.

One BIG off-shaped (gnome) widow and on 1/2 the BIG doorway (again; Gnome odd-ball shape).

As you enter the Half Door you can turn left (via the OPEN half of full door…this to the Bathroom…n to the kitchen Proper”. It has a storage shelf across the upper back.
THIS part is a long DOG PEN RUN. Cyclone pen…6 ft tall. Exit door (#2) at far end.

Cooking area at front side.
U can cook there or at dome center one.
All-in-All, the whole has Space Galore. Other the the dome sections roundness being broken up by the small bed.rm. All else there wide open (less stove). Guests can sleep on the storage seats or floor. 5? 6-7?.

I used cut cedar to pound into the soil. Then put PVC PIPES onto each, as the Studs. 2 inches

Built like a Sweat Lodge (Plains style). 3 pvc piping incinerated these up-rights (which are gathered towards wards the top).
“Tied” together at the studs via Zip Locks and brass wires.

I held the framing up with a nailed together 2×4 with “cross” board near the top.
Then rolled on CHICKEN WIRE over the whole DOME part and locked this onto all the framing.

Once that was done I then kicked loose the 2×4 “holder”.

As expected (and HOPED) the whole dome SHRANK DOWNWARD n EXPANDED OUTWARD. Tightening the whole into a STRONG Structure! The dome measurements were AFTER this support “kick”. Aho? (The BASE Diameter remained the same). Thus it has an “onion-like”shape (but NOT severe). Rather attractive, to be honest.

The dog pen was a ‘kick’ to do. 10×20. Done in about an hour by my (then) 14 year old grandson and myself. Once the fencing was all connected we simply took at end each, picked it up and placed it where we wanted it. With a slight “bend “between and side and backside of the dome. This left a “gap”. More pvc framing and wire filling that gap and allowing plenty of room for toilet / sink / TUB and a bit of cabinet space.
Not crowded, but still on the small side. Aho?

We are looking toward a cement mixed with dirt flooring. Flat stones set in as part. White Sand to fill gaps and keep all “airy” and Light. IE; White sand Grouting. Aho ?

By the way, I may raise the LOFT Ladder to give more main floor room.. Swing up via a pulley and line.

The Dog Pen section will have a SHED Roof…PLANTED with grass and flowers (Alaska Trapperson Style Cabin). Bending and BLENDING a Square to a Round (dome) side. Thus not look ‘out-of-place’ at all. Aho?

At this time…less Cat Work, I’ve less then $1300.00 into this…INCLUDING A GIANT HEAVY WHITE TARP that will cover all. VINYL.

Will then be a Fancy TENT till we can get proper material together to “permanent” it all. Also have rolls of thick insulation to put on before the tarp.
With the stove we have all should be comfortable during are extreme winters there. (12 to 14 foot snowfalls).

“CAT work” included a deep cut-in to hill side. This to cover with dirt. Only the Dog Pen will show its ‘shape’…and remember That TOO will have a Dirt Roof…planted. Aho?

I’m one who likes to bring the OUTSIDE…IN.
Keeping all GNOME Simple.

Go to “SHOESTRING CABIN” and see my 3 minny domes. This will give you an idea of what I mean. Its a HUB, by “Ghost”.

Scroll down a bit to see ours.


This gave my wife the ‘push’ I needed to do the big one.

So, basically, by more salvage and thinking Out-Side-The-Box, our MOVE TO Dome shouldn’t cost us more then 5 to 6,000.00.

It’s a long way from complete. So far from our house here the gas is prohibitive. Went up twice to work on it. Planned a 1 wk per ‘doing’. LIGHTNING STORMS EACH WEEK…Day AND Night. Had to call it a useless trip and come home.

Basically most was me doing. 3 times my grandson came and helped. Once 3 others as well.

Its set there, framed and cover ready, for 4 + yrs now. Standing firm and ready throughout the winters/ Etc. To date, I’m quit pleased. Aho?

Good Luck.

In HIM…re

First Gnome Home Pictures
Cost $350