First Jogger Trial

Got it fully packed and headed for a One (+) mile.
Dirt and Gravel….WOODS and Hills…Slopes and UPs UPs UPS…then DOWN DOWN DOWN!
IT did great…I though, another matter. ( :
Took it to friends off in the boonies.
Three Rest Stops UP…One DOWN.
Learned quite a bit too.

Wearing Water Socks and TOTALLY worn out. Slicker than “S….”.
Now SUPER THIN. Like wearing Snow Skis when going down. “Spin Out” going UP!
Yup…need light weight Lugged Footwear when using THIS!

#2: Forgot that bottles of Pop “Fizzle” with the jogger’s “rock-n-roll”.
(Gotta remember that!).

#3: Front brake caliper needs adjustment.

#4: Would be wise to buy/take extra Brake Pads.

#5: A slight “zig zag” going, helpful…Up OR Down.

#6: I’m REALLY Out Of Shape!

(3 rest breaks UP…one DOWN).

# 7: Handlebar height JUST RIGHT for my 5 ft. 5 1/2 inch “frame.”

#8: It WORKS….and LIKE A CHARM!!!

# 9: Despite the high(ish) loading….No problem Tipping…even on some “bad” roadside slopes.

#10: OTHERS are SO IMPRESSED…THEY want to “try it”.
(Great news for ME) ( :

#11: STEALTHY! (“I didn’t hear you DRIVE up!”) ( :

#12: CAN BE MADE LIGHTER (gear).

#13: A “Swivel Wheel” front wheel NOT NEEDED. EASY enough to maneuver in ANY terrain. SWIVEL would be more a HINDERENCE then a help…UNLESS ON GOOD ROADs ONLY.

#14: A “Double” is WIDE…stopping serious camping in Off-Road use.
Now to a Camp-Out trial on our property. This after I better consider my “tent”.

I have my big Wiggy’s Sleeping bag on this…will go to its inner lining only (‘til it starts to get too cold).

I will also go to a smaller Back Pack.
These alone will save Weight and Space.

But folks, it rolls like a CHARM…it WORKS as HOPED. PTL!



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