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Camping WATER TIP – Plus

How to get  portable water while hiking:  I bought a small FOLDING umbrella (1,00 Cheap Shop) and a pair of lady’s Nylon socks (49 cents…same shop).  I’ve cut a 1 inch hole at top of umbrella and glued a patch of sock over the hole. Then added a stabilizing “line” on the INVERTED (now) umbrellas AND packed a large mouth CAN in / around the can.  Both little hole and can opening now  “filters” from debris / insect and  mice entry.  (I will buy a collapsible BOWL ($16.00) when I’ve spare $$…more convenient to take and less room in pack then a can.

The umbrella turned up-side-down and placed (at a slight tilt) atop the container.  Any rain / snow / dew(?) now caught. 
The FOUR lines staked down to hinder wind.  Aho?
The Weight and Size quite “takeable”.
With this you now have a regular umbrella to ward off rain…sun, and possibly a Solar Cooker  (I’ll leave THAT How To up to you).
More: I got my Wash Board today.  Till I get a Hand Wringer, I’m all set.  I’ve a Very Dirty pair of jeans and a white T shirt.  Gonna see how well the WASH PLUNGER / Boar and “sweat” will do on these tonight.  I’ll have to Wring by hand for now.
I’ll use FELS NAPTHA soap…as did my mother and grandmother.  It’s still sold at supermarkets.
I’ll add some VINEGAR (can use other “odors”).  This to keep Ticks / Etc., away.
Hope these help someone.