Wood Burning

Don’t know about YOUR area, but here: Snow and WINTER.
For you wood burners, I write this, for others contemplating a PELLET stove:  Before you get one, THINK!  If your Elect, goes “down”…SO DOES THE PELLET STOVE!  It NEEDS ELECTRICITY TO RUN.
In short, if you think it’s a good “Back Up” buy…it ISN’T!  Aho?
Now for the others:  If you are one within reach of a SAWDUST Pile,  GET PAPER BAGS….Along with “cast-off” Tiny wood CHIPS (etc.).   Doesn’t need to be BIG pieces,  Then mix some of the little pieces Within a BAG of SAWDUST,  Do this in paper bags.  Fold the top over your “mix” and light.
The “chips” will cause the SAWDUST to Rekindle via those chips…keeping the sawdust smoldering and heating.  Aho?
We had a 55 gallon Barrel Stove,  Each night we’d put in 3 bags,  BURNED ALL NIGHT!  Only took 3 bags to keep our 2 bedroom, place comfortable.   Did this 2 winters (before moving).  Sure cut down on fire wood.
Good Luck,  GB   re


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