Emails between Red Elk and a Friend

Red Elk Writes:

Yesterday the wife and I heard THE most ASTONISHING Thing we’ve EVER heard a amongst us.
3 family trying to live like pioneer farmers…2 family with young kids. One without.
At the end of there 3 season building / staying….a girl about 14 (when asked what she liked the most), said…with a BIG SMILE, “I learned to use my IMAGINATION!”
 Tech Games / etc. are ROBBING OUR Children folks.
So are the schools Red Elk!!
They take away play time, and music & art!!! They think that cramming more math worksheets down their throats –is gonna be better than letting them sit on the floor and count beans– or knit & learn to count “rows” —
I read all of this stuff that says that “whoever is in charge” of determining the curriculum in the US –has deliberately (?) shifted all our kids schoolwork into Left-brain learning, which is all LOGIC — It’s all “cram this stuff into your left brain then regurgitate it out for us on your tests” —
Logic is GREAT– but God gave us the right (artistic/imaginative) side too!! It’s like we need the male & the female — we need the logical and the artistic!!
We do not operate well as a society without developing BOTH !
Anyways, that’s my rant!!
Red Elk Responds:
We home schooled C.  She passed her g.e.d. ABOVE  the USA highest standards…at 16.  I’ve wanted to do ditto (still do) too but M and C said no.  He’s 17 now, can quit anytime he wants but in 1 1/2 years can graduate. AND GETS $41,000 Native American money UPON GRADUATING.. So I encourage him to finish regular school.
All his teachers and the Principal know my ANTI-PUBLIC SCHOOL “stand.”
“It STINKS and is Worthless in general!”.  They know TOO I pity them as the GOVERNMENT, lays down thier “rules”.   
GB   re
Friend Responds:
I understand–
That makes sense…
Stay and graduate, but at least he’s old enough to know that it’s important that he “daydreams” a lot in class!!
Red Elk Responds:
Yeah, barely squeezes by, but passing.   OK by me!
I’m SO PEEVED OFF at the CRAP burdened by GOVERNMENT!  
Friend Responds:
They try to burden us on every side Red Elk! Just step to the side– you know what the Proverbs say:
If you dig a pit, you will fall into it!
If you roll up a boulder, it will roll back on you!!
I try not to waste my energy being peeved at them & just step to the side
KNOWING they will bury themselves with the burdens they try to place on others.
Much love Red Elk,
Red Elk Responds

Good advice!  Seems too MANY “step aside”….at His cross.    Hitlers reign and on and on?  ARE we to just “Stand By”? 


Red Elk’s Friend Responds

No no–
I agree, good point…
That’s true– the gov is literally starving people to death–and we stand on the side ….
I’ll have to think more on this!!
Red Elk Responds:
Sis, it seems possibly a HANDFUL on this planet knows The Bible we use today, are FULL of “TRICK” ‘Twists and Turns” DESIGNED to STOP us from FULL Pure Knowledge within it.  You’d be AMAZED at , AS YOU GROW,  What you’ll find…after finding “EVERYTHING”.  It will ‘Blow you Away’.
I’ve found this via TESTED FACT and IN this I KNOW I’m MISSING LOTS more!   It HAS to be as I’ve as yet seen no End to the Words continuation in over 60 years now.  Aho?
Red Elk’s friend Responds:
Why would it (our bible) be designed to stop us from purity?!
I don’t doubt what you say, because I have had some of my own experiences already… But they just “get their hands” on everything!?!
I try to focus on Christ, and who He was and what he showed us by his deep Love that he continued to LIVE within!!
Red Elk Responds:
Correct…HE KNOWS WHO HE HAS CHOSEN IN  this “DESIGN.”                    
SO many THAT we THINK AS good / godly  inside  ARE not!
Surely you’ve seen VERY respected pastors / etc. giving quick “glances ” etc to person?  You see “dirt”!  Or a quick HATE look in ones eyes?  
But IF they are TRULY SERIOUS….TRYING to overcome their ‘weaknesses’, they WILL (and DO) change.
Time after Time I (n M) have seen SEX / EGO / “Prestige / Etc.  CAMOUFLAGING the TRUE SELF.
Liked…but MAKE.
Is IN Time, one TRULY wanting to BE “Christlike”,  WILL CHANGE.

It is THESE who TRULY LOVE GOD so MUCH who are the ELITE.  # 5-6 -   (7?)  will LEAP AHEAD here in THIS life.   Maybe not leap as much as they WANT to (seems all…but its the TRUE EFFORT that HE Sees!
Some (most?) are Slow…but SERIOUS.  Thus get into One of the 7 Heavens.  He KNOWS.
WE are not to judge.   
HE KNOWS their HEARTS.  BUT…we ARE to be “Leary”!
I have been fooled so MANY times.   TEST THE SPIRIT OF  ALL   ( things).  EVEN PEOPLE.  ALL!
PRAY for those who are ‘flawed’.  HELP TURN THEM AROUND!
and DON’T think YOU are “better”.  THAT puts YOU…with THEM !   be CAREFUL lil one.
I can (and DO) look at ME.  i KNOW me and I’m not at all Pleased with myself.

Not “working my way to Heaven…but WANTING “DAD” to be “tickled” I’m WANTING.
Look at all the Denominations.  All the different RELIGIONS.
 trying to please God.  TRYING but NOT CHECKING….so go on (and on) TRYING to PLEASE HIM, and WITHOUT CHECKing, go on (and one) KEEPING THEM SEPARATED from all we are to be in LOVE UNITY with.
lUCIFER has “set” us apart WELL !
Man is made to understand COMPASSION…AGAPE LOVE.  Not Sex / Self “pleasures” / EGO keeping/  WE ARE HERE to GROW in TRUE LOVE.  “on EARTH as it IS in HEAVEN” !
Can you IMAGINE what THAT would be like.  PEACE.  
PEACE.  at Last.  And WITHOUT “waiting for heaven to GET IT!     It’s WELL as THERE!  Aho?
So, yes ; Designed indeed.  Aho?
                                                             GB   re


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