Told and Untold

So MUCH I have shard…only to share only so little.
TOLD the Bible as known today is NOT the full story. Today’s is FOR the EASTERN Hemisphere.  There is OUR Hemisphere Bible as well.  TWO Bibles .
Noah’s Ark is TRUE….and of THAT Hemispheres telling
THIS Hemisphere has at LEAST 3 MORE “Arks”….Native American Arks.  We call THEM “The GIANT CANOES”.
One has been located…High Up in the High mountains of North Canada.  Two more to go.
The / These sights will not be revealed.  To do so would get these DESTROYED for TO TELL AND SEE THESE WOULD MEAN TO DESTROY THE MAN-FED “WORLD BIBLE”…IE ;  RELIGIONS in Christianity of today.   Exposing The TRUTH.  Aho?  HO!    re


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