New Agers and their Guides

Friends, I seem to ‘draw’ many “New Agers”.  Get their tellings WEEKLY.  So far (years) they’ve been wrong.  WHY DO THEY CONTINUE FOLLOWING “GUIDES” Etc. ?
Today the whole west coast was to see a MASSIVE Earth Quake….well, its still here.  Others go to meet the “Star Brothers”…they’re still here as well.
WHEN will they Learn to connect with their Creator and pay attention to HIM?   It CAN be DONE.   sigh   re


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2 Responses to “New Agers and their Guides”

  1. sklawson says:

    This week has been an extra ordinary week..starting with the feeling of going through four separate time paths…kind of like watching four movies with the sam actor…with routes going off in four different directions…it cultimated with
    an brown spider with an white oval on it’s back about the size of an 50 cent piece walking up my curtain…just freaked me out….it was to big for an spider
    of this time of the year…I whacked it fo rfear it was poisonious…but I have yet to find it’s body and think it may of been an omen, as those Oklahoma tornadoes
    we going on when I saw it. Followed that night by the 6.0 earthquake near
    Russia. I ansswered an question perhaps some of you have seen coming from the UK about why people live in Moore, Okl….it is an area of Government
    Weather, being tornadoes, one of FEMA, and Oklahoma City has the state’s
    National Gurad there.People live there because they are assoicated with working for the Government primarily. I have an friend, I’ve not heard from
    in the last tornado, and lady that was an school teacher all her life and played
    her church organ for years one end, she belonged as an President to the “Colonial Dames of America”…and thinks her ancestory was an brother
    to my husbands…but not sure how. Geroge Lawson came over as an teacher
    to the Native Americans, and documented much of thier history…and John Lawson was with Native American Watts working for George Washington in
    settling up his change of Forts along the eastern side of the Mountain range
    in Virginia down through Tennessee…before that they were with the French and
    Indian War. This has much history unknown to it also. Norman, Oklahoma is just south of an big lake, which is just south of Moore, Oklahoma. My hubby’s
    aunt ran an very successful restrurant in Oklahoma, bu thas been deseased for
    some time now. She married William Hensley…thier son is in the “Whos’ who” book… being an old time CEO for the John Deere Company. Part of the Anglin
    family were Native american “captives” though we know they were into their
    legacy as relatives also by then. It’s been hard for me tracing them. I do so by
    understanding thier lifestyle more so…along with the information I find. At any rate…since I can’ tfind an body to this big spider I whacked..I think it was more of an omen of bad things that night….as they signify death and change. AS to
    this area of Oklahoma…they need to see if they are sitting on an Ley Line and
    make into an Park area instead. That would be the smarter way to solve an potential problem along with underground storm shelters…and they don’t need
    but maybe 15 feet under an house. the part about the soil conditions is not entirely true. Now…you should all know…that any house built on an cement
    slab foundation is not rated to stay put in more then 90 MPH winds. You shold all know that an waffle type wood structure built with three 6 foot beams of wood, space about 2 feet apart going up the wall sideways…and three going down the wall verticaly…to be compatible with your wall studs will help strengthen your walls…you bolt each beam, after making this waffle type
    section of wood into your studs in the outside walls…with long industrial type
    bolts. You can then also add an extension to the waffle through the foundation
    rise of the house. This gives the wall some abilty to movement, without collapsing by single wall studs coming out of the wall. This is earthquake
    fortification methods down in California house coding also.
    The rain comin gin thsi week, I lost my cherries to bug infestation in the new growth, and I am about to lose my peaches due to blight. An magazine called
    “The New Pioneer” $167..2013…has an DIY “Rocker Mass Heating” article an
    version of an scaled down wood stove that uses 1/5 the amount of wood. It’s
    an mild heat you keep going around the clock…good for greenhouses also. I
    would guess perhaps some of the “spiders” warning about change coming up?
    It’s in the bookstands where magazines are sold, I usually buy my copy at an
    grocery store..Winco. it basically covers gardens in this book, but includes
    tanning methods, brick oven making, planting food plots for wild game, expereinces of wildfires in Colorado with survival tips, money makers year around, bartering, and making knives out of old files…plus solar power. How to cut up meat at home. Portable chicken coops. Bunch more articles that may be of interest to you. Our Scouts finished “Camporee” and by tomarrow will be planting thousands of flags for Memorial Day at Williamette National Cemetary.
    Have an good day!

  2. sklawson says:

    as to my spelling mistakes…. She looks like she’s going through something similar perhaps. I think it’s purposely making anyone possibly “psychic” look like an bumbling idiot so
    they can be chaffed at by the so called “big boys” at the top…cause they
    have no understanding about all things either. ..partictularly our Government.
    We each have an puropse in life reguardless of gender or economic standing.