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I’ll be 71  soon.  I’m in poor physical shape.  Are there any here wanting to find out what wilderness living is REALLY like?  Age not a big issue…but physically demanding.  I’m in need of a ‘care taker’….in a big way. I want to live as I’ve always wanted to..and occasionally have…when YOUNGER.
I expect to be around awhile, and am tired of living the modern way my wife insists on. I don’t want to do it and she doesn’t want my way. She says I CAN’T….I say BUFFALO CHIPS.
I need help…or she wins.
The person(s) need to be drug free….physically able to cut / lug wood…tent live….lots of wilderness ‘survival’, for self…and myself.  Must NOT be a law-breaker,  GodCreator minded….and self sustaining (SS?).  If your there and interested….lets talk.  I WARN YOU…it will be a tiring life.   E Heather with  your phone number and she’ll send it on (leave a comment that she will moderate and will not post).  Man/wife OK.