I’ll be 71  soon.  I’m in poor physical shape.  Are there any here wanting to find out what wilderness living is REALLY like?  Age not a big issue…but physically demanding.  I’m in need of a ‘care taker’….in a big way. I want to live as I’ve always wanted to..and occasionally have…when YOUNGER.
I expect to be around awhile, and am tired of living the modern way my wife insists on. I don’t want to do it and she doesn’t want my way. She says I CAN’T….I say BUFFALO CHIPS.
I need help…or she wins.
The person(s) need to be drug free….physically able to cut / lug wood…tent live….lots of wilderness ‘survival’, for self…and myself.  Must NOT be a law-breaker,  GodCreator minded….and self sustaining (SS?).  If your there and interested….lets talk.  I WARN YOU…it will be a tiring life.   E Heather with  your phone number and she’ll send it on (leave a comment that she will moderate and will not post).  Man/wife OK.  


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  1. mark says:

    i would but im not one of those people anymore. i used to be. but lately my life fell apart..and to tell the truth i dont give a shit.
    i just told some people i knew to shove it..people i knew for my whole life..i packing it in sir. i ended up in hospital the other day..thought i was having a heart attack.. well im not, but there is something going on that i dont understand…and today i just snapped and cancelled all hospital visits.packing now going to give my boss the news in a few days while i move out of his apartments. and hit the road.. where ever that might going to go camping for life! thank you red elk for the experiences..of what that part of me that is you has said and taught. im not afraid.