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Science and High Tech IS “New Age” based, friends.

Filled with Just ENOUGH Truth and Usefulness to be accepted as ALL True.

Once the vast majority are receptive….THEY ARE “CAPTURED”! I.E., “controllable”.

“ENSLAVED” to SERVE the controllers.

They “play” you like a Flute!

Using you to pay Taxes / Etc., so THEY can PARTY…at YOUR Expense.

In this they lead you AWAY from GOD…convincing you that YOU a GOD(s). Stealing your very SOULS essence.


THEY say “Look, you ARE GODS…See? Buy a PLANE ticket…Get the ELECTRONICS to Harness the sun / wind / water. SEE WHAT WE OFFER YOU? We offer you GODPOWER!” “Follow US!”.

And you FALL FOR IT.

This all started in the Churches. Turning mankind into UNGOD-LIKE “GODS”. and enslaving YOU into THEIR “Zombie SERVANTS”.

Yes, they Party” at Your expense.

Its like this: “Feed them enough BS and in time they will think it’s ICE CREAM!”.

Savoring every bite.



Red Elk asked me to add something from an email he shared with WS:

We’ve been programmed into it from the time we’re tiny children, not unlike domestic animals. My generation was the first raised with TV tho NOT with computers which came along later, but we also still went outside…but succeeding generations have been more and more ensnared. Outside of the few who have chosen to learn things outside of the tech, many don’t think they can survive without it. Even when God keeps reminding them they can by taking it away.