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Give Thought

Give Thought to the fire in our area!

Oddball…this event, sorta FUN (For ME but not others).  We here are like a Yo-Yo.  Conflicting ‘tellings’. Up / Down.  Aho?
Knowing what we have (to lose) verses what we have (to GO)….”TAKE” about 7%.  Loss (if so)
Deciding what we NEEDED (to be Semi-Comfortable) versus collected SUPER Comfy “stuff”….will, a learning experience indeed.  I PRAISE “HIM” FOR THE LESSON!
To see the ENORMOUS ‘Pile’ of sleeping bags AND TENTS, we’ve enough for US (4) AND NUMEROUS OTHERS ‘in need’.  To pack these AND our FAMILY needs is certainly a challenge.
In time, ALL will be facing similar preparing.  Leaving your comfort…to LIVE.  And the things you take WILL BE EVEN MORE “pared down”….perhaps three TIMES more.
Don’t say I haven’t forewarned you.  “Tomorrow” holds MANY surprises.
Consider what we are going through.  We are not alone either.  Recent emergencies have been shown on TV…WORLD events.  YOU may be “on TV” yourself, at ANY TIME.
May I suggest a home “walk through”…taking what you THINK you need.  PILE THIS in ONE PILE. Then LOOK AT THAT PILE!  Now go through IT.  Paring down.  Do a THIRD TIME.
Might “break your heart” – “leaving behind”…but can you LIVE by taking your “precious collection” (dolls / clothing / Etc.) NO, you CAN’T!
Do you have the MEANS to TAKE what you’ve decided TO take?
Bikes CAN’T take a lot.  Even CARS are limited.
Stop NOW and think for “THEN”.
You’ll be surprised what  you decide what MUST be left behind.  ALMOST ALL OF IT!
Near 100%!
I’d like to share the HUGE PROBLEMS many in our area ARE having: HORSES!  “Pets” and “Businesses”.  Talk about near PANIC!  One horse trailer…5 or more horses. One truck to pull two at a time…and to WHERE?
Literally IN DANGER themselves, because of these EXCESSIVE “collections”.
My wife’s 7 DOGS are excessive as well…but at least they are little (Chihuahuas).  I couldn’t convince her 2 was enough.  3 Tops.  But 7!???