Getting DAYS of dishes done…then C was called to a SKY Meeting at school (he’s failing)…then to home and dome clearing.

Sky is NOT “failing,” to ME…..has ALL the SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE he needs.  PASSING THE SPIRITUAL THO!!!

I HATE School “teaching”.  Quit when I was 15  (he’ll be that next month).  Can ALWAYS improve via GED, as I…WHEN HE’S READY (as I did).

I’m quite aware my spelling is SUPER BAD…BIG DEAL!  You can READ it…that’s ALL that matters. (Alot is caused by SHAKES and No Going Back Over what I type.  NO TIME!  TOO many to answer DAILY).

WS doing a SUPER Job of repairing before my writings go on the Blog / Etc..  a VOLUNTEER!!! I’m am so THANKFUL FOR WHAT SHE DOES!  HO!

Takes a GIANT load off Heather’s work (book) and YOUR’S.

I want to Home School Sky…his mom and Meachelle (my wife) won’t allow it.  C (daughter) was…and did FANTASTIC!  (Got her GED too).

In today’s world, it WILL BE RARE to GET a JOB!  Even “Fast Foods”.  Still, I understand “proper” schooling.  Why I want to continue on…in HOME Schooling.  Aho?

No, what people NEED to know is HOW TO “CONNECT” / How to LIVE withIN Nature.  THAT will FEED YOU!  Otherwise : WELFARE…and THAT will go “down the tube” too….in time.

Sky know how to build his own abode….fish….some snaring….go “without”.  Things MANY DON’T.  He’s far better ‘prepared’ then ALOT of the ‘Sheeple’ of most of “civilized” man.

How many KIDS do YOU Know who can cook?  Sew?  Etc. ???  LIFE stuff!  WHO THEN IS THE “SMART” ONE”?   re

(WS – who’s kinda blushing right now! 😀 )


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3 Responses to “REAL Education – Are Your Kids Getting It?”

  1. Al says:

    I attended a private “christian” high school for about a year and a half and believe that was one of the most demonic places I have ever been. If you got through the whole vetting process you became a mover/shaker…at the very least you’d end up with full scholarship, play you cards right and you’re eventually rich.
    I quit and most saw me as a failure but I knew there was something seriously wrong with the place.There may be decent private schools out there but that particular one was a whitewashed tomb. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? That may sound dramatic but anyone who has been to similar schools and has discernment will know what I’m talking about.
    I’m actually for education but homeschooling would be a better choice as you can teach practical stuff instead of the programming/brain washing that goes on in most schools.
    No need to respond to this, I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    GLADLY respond…as WE 2 AGREE (wife / I ). We sent Christy to such, thinking it a GOOD idea and better then Public School. WHAT a MISTAKE! In less than a school year we pulled her OUT! DAMNDEST “CONTROLLERS ” WE EVER SAW! I’d STILL L O V E DOING to their Heads what THEY did to the CHILDREN! (NO “forgiveness” on THIS Bunch!)…..NONE! re

  3. sklawson says:

    I sent my son to an Montessori school as an child, I could not afford the elementary level…but I should of sent him anyway, because the public school
    system, mainly one male teacher reprimanded him for not being like the other students were. I ended up having to pull him out of the class…your child can
    not be learning and sitting in the hallway doing nothing. By the time he got to
    fourth grade, he was an year behind, because one teacher sticks up for the other butt-head…so they simply “ignored him”..when I first took him to the public school, he had excelled first grade already, in three more years he was one
    grade behind..I hired an tutor and she told me that she works with the teacher,
    but none of them would work with her. She asked me why. Needless to son never graduated from High School and he’s having an hell of an time supporting his wife and three kids. Just finding an job, with decent money to live on… is nearly an full time career for him.
    We have an lot of people out here people “home-schooling”..
    they are so sick and tired of the only communication going with schooling is
    raising their wages…not what the kids are learning. They told me one time at
    Montessori…that an kid should never fail…that life is made so that all people
    learn at their own rate in life..have you now found something you hated to learn as an child an breeze as you grew older. failures…just people that
    are in authority making judgements again. You can get all the early Montessori
    class room materials or make them yourself at home through their books. They start at four years old in basic skills…simple things like taking care of your own
    health and cleanliness, and proper handling of doing simple tasks….which includes things like how to transfer water from one glass to another without spilling..then they graduate up to making beverages in an pitcher and serve it to the rest of the kids…then they graduate up to cleaning up after themselves and doing dishes. Making beds…and simple beadwork…from that they go into
    making the bedding as they age…making beading…learning mathematics from the beads also. They try to go according to what interests the child as the child ages. It’s not unusal to find an 4th grader in Montessori taking apart toasters
    and gaming electronics and putting them back’s also is another
    favorite. To be an Montessori teacher you have to hold an state teacher’s liscense and have four more years after that in their education…and they are
    taught to listen to the child also…over commanding the room…they do that when
    it’s rowdy by putting one finger up to their lip until the room is silent. That means
    “please listen”. Montessori teachers never have more then 10 students until they
    get into elementary school. Most these teachers are into Catholic instutions, but
    they are an world-wide teaching system basically. The people that I know that
    homeschooled their high school student…made arrangements with the local
    high school for sports and music and theater after school class time…if for anything, to see to it they were around kids their own age growing up. In Alaska
    and Austrailia and some places in Canada…school is taught on an Ham radio
    daily. You might find one of those “classes” also. The one important thing about schooling is to do it in such an way that it encourages “self-education”…and as
    David Ramsey often says…I have my business…but it still doesn’t stop me from
    learning an talent in something different every year…such as welding. Scouts and 4-H can help sometimes also. We go at that approach also…esp. for the badges you earn…they are done on self-motivation and choice. If you run into
    an “Gun-Ho” military type Scoutleader..then you know he’s not the right one in
    scouting in general. Scoutting is not an killer type ordeal as it is “surivial” and
    community and country orientated. It is not solely religious either despite many churches help sponsor them. Look around..form your own group if need be.