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Memories are all stored in our DNA.  ALL the doings through one’s life, to death.

Creator, too, holds memories.

The difference between we and Him differ tho.

Like a “Story Quilt”, His has blank squares.  THOSE are the squares of His forgiving you your ‘wrongs’.

No recording on His ‘your’ ‘quilt’ ‘ when you’ve been forgiven.  Gone forever on your lifetime.

Sleep like a baby, KNOWING.



Getting reports of Break-Off groups of their Religion / Churches / Etc.

I’ve told this will take place.

The traditional will break into 5…and EACH of THOSE 5 “break-offs” will DIVIDE INTO 5 AS WELL.

Of EVERY ONE, only ONE will be right!




Life Is an Adventure

You may think me crazy, but I’m kinda excited over the events to date….as WELL as what I’ve seen in our near future (+ !!!).

To me, an adventure.  I’ve spent much of my life Learning.  THAT included TESTING.

LIVING the TODAY’S Time YEARS ago.  Learned THEN to be able to “DO” today…AND HELP ADVISE YOU.

Are we (this family) poor?  Well, if no $$ means ‘poor’….sure are.  But THIS ‘poor’ no WAY as poor as we’ve LIVED.  Shoot!  We are RICH (compared).  REAL RICH!

Learned THEN, and applying NOW, from that.

LOOK AT ALL THIS AS AN ADVENTURE IN LEARNING….and eventually you TOO can be “comfortable”.

You’re only beat when you STOP SEEING IT AS THIS.

Those that DO see it right….will GRIP AND  W  I  N  !   Aho?   re


Watching a TV show called DOWNSIZED.    Folks trying to keep from eviction.  This a family of 6.  4 teens.  Dad bought a device that cuts off shower water in 5 minutes.  WOW !  The FIT the GIRLS are having !  Used to 20 + min. showers.  “CAN’T WASH / RINSE (hair / etc.) in 5 MINUTES!”

Guess they never heard of Navy Showers.  Even the gals know how.

This family HAD a 1 Million $ a year salary.  Now trying to pay RENT.  MANSION living…on a “DIME!”

On food stamps and ALL using it!   THOUGHT they had $50.00…..ONLY HAD $2.10!  Had to take all but a Pack of Gravy back to the shelves. TEEN GIRL was “SO EMBARRASSED”!!!

Dad falling apart. CAN’T MAKE THE RENT.  To be evicted.

The MOTHER is the STRONG ONE!  (I could “work” with HER!)

This is more and more common.  When the $$ stops, “Life” stops!

The boys “Dumpster Diving” and LAUGHING ABOUT IT!  “Cool”   DAD HAVING A FIT!  (“we’ve come to THAT?!!!”).  Just “DOWN”.  Aho?

Oldest girl just given a car (grandparents) for her 16th B.Day.  NO GAS $$…NO INSURANCE $$.

She’s just PI–ed OFF gaLORE!

A question:  how are YOU doing?  HAVE YOU PREPARED!   ???   HAVE YOU PAID ATTENTION!??

!’m willing to bet…MOST WILL FALL APART (like these on show).

dang…………………..   re


We ALL here enjoy This “winter treat”.  A number of recipes on internet.

Stay clear of brown or yellow snow tho.  (  :

Never use the FIRST snow.  Too much “stuff” in it.  “Skim” the top when you collect.  Aho?

We mix in different jams for different tastes.  Including CHOCOLATE Mix and even Peanut Butter.

Mize well TEST this… ALL will enjoy!     MERRY XMAS!   re


I LOVE ‘EM!  Especially the older Metal large coffee cans.  I’ve made Great HOBO Stoves with ‘em…..”Bug” Lamps (keep 2 here in the house)….all KINDA things.

The regular smaller cans you get soup / etc. in I’ve made as Eskimo Lamps…Bait holders….even punched holes on the sides to place a candle under (can upside-down) and made ‘cool n’ pretty’ “lamps” (Nice designs lighting up for “moods”).

I’ve cut the sides open as a tiny fire wind break and heat reflector.  GREAT for LITTLE pieces of dead sticks / etc to warm the hands at.

Even stacked for a small upright chimney.  Mud held together with grass “glue-er” in the mud.  SOLID!

Seen ‘em used as HUT Roof SHINGLES.

Made a number of fishing “reels”.

Made a Slingshot “Bow and Arrow” reel.

Used ‘em in earth (open end at surface of dug hole) to catch insects / mice / etc. for bait / FOOD(You get hungry and ANYTHING Looks GOOD)!

Made and SOLD Unique MOUSE TRAPS with ‘em.  So “different” I had no trouble selling at $2.00 each.  Took only a rubber band and can to do.  What? A Penny?

Made and OFTEN USED as Blackberry “getters”….Serrated open end top…nailed on a stick.  “Raking In” the berries instead of Hand Picking  (lots of thorns on ‘em).  Can fill a can in a HURRY!

For fun….AND a FUN XMAS “gift” for your kids, look up TIN CAN USES / Etc. on internet.  Let THEM “do” (OR YOU)….and see what can be done.

Xmas is nearly here.  Money is harder and harder to get “good things” with…..WHAT’S BETTER THEN KNOWLEDGE?!

Make Copies of How To Do things and include as “Stocking Stuffers ” etc.  For guys AND gals….Even ADULTS.

Maybe you can invent NEW uses.  ???

What Good is an Empty Tin Can?   HOURS OF FASCINATION…and LEARNING to ‘DO’ WITHOUT $$$!    MERRY CHRISMAS!


John, one of the three ‘trippers’:

That’s awesome. yes, please get me one if you are able. I stopped at the custom knife place on the way back home and the guy there thought they were out of business and unable to get them anymore. Thank you
Also, i will be talking to Sue chickadee tonight. 🙂 I know she’ll be very happy to hear from you. Shared the story and your email with mom…this whole thing brought a tear to her eye. She’s strong but you can’t help but be moved by everything that’s happening. I’m trying to find a good way to put into words the Go(o)d experience that collectively is growing in us. It seems to me that for myself and others this was more than just a step forward. It’s feels more like momentum!
Was a full day. High winds and rain here too! Got home quite late this evening just in time to catch Europe on skype as it’s morning time for them. There’s a huge THANKS to ALL from europe. A friend who lives close to the pyramid has checked on it.The above ground structure and house seem more or less intact from what he can see from the road. Uncle’s going there next week to check it out in detail and start the process. He and two others were shown that the landscape and architecture has drastically changed.  It’s only a matter of time for the physical to follow in it’s entirety. The original intent is becoming a reality. A place of PEACE free for ALL. Also, similar to mom’s experience the gathering in Europe heard a bell and then received the call that it was done. It seems that All that backed us had some deep insight or outright sign.  A bold friend requested to see two chickadees land on the post outside as a sign that her vision and the presence she felt was true. Was frustrated that it didn’t happen right away, but two landed there today as she had asked. She was backing us with an immense strength and focus, and for a full 3 hours…She earned it. 🙂 The stories i’m getting are incredible.
I’m backing Adam with you all the way!
it IS done.
Sharing this, John.  Keep us informed.  PTL!   re

You have  no idea what this recent ‘work’ has done for me.  I’m so INSPIRED Within my Spirit.

Tho hundreds (or more) have  read my many writings…only a “vapor” has been a part of this work.  At least 25.

Tho this seems miniscule…it was 25 (close  ? ) who JOINED.  All ONE.

Didn’t seem to matter WHAT each held in their “way”.  Didn’t matter their color.  Didn’t matter their Country.  IT MATTERS  ONLY  THAT EACH CARED.  REAL “heart”.


I’ve often told WE ARE ALL BRETHREN…(One Relation).  I mean what I tell.

As any reading the COMMENTS of this ‘work’….you’ll see the “FEELINGS” each (who reported) experienced.


I PRAY this brings more to the “fold” on UNITY IN LOVE.  I REALLY DO!

Today their is a HUGE “Movement” to “save the earth”.  Environmentalists who see the need.

FEW don’t understand though….to “save” does NOT mean buying windmills / solar power / etc.

Tho ‘nice’…they GIVE NO THOUGHT at the HARM of these “save” things.  The FACTORIES…the ROADS…the SHIPPING….the RAPE of this Earth to GET THE NEEDED “save” items TO THE “SAVER”.   Killing our environment to SAVE IT !

Folks, its not these “things” that will save our planet….it is YOUR ATTITUDE.  YOU !


Why RUIN Earth to “save” it?  Why not JOIN with HIM, and OTHERS of RIGHT HEART / UNDERSTANDING….and tell / share the UNITY that you have found (or now starting to understand).


To those understanding this….DONT “PUSH”…..EXAMPLE!  THEN you will see OTHERS asking questions.  Seeking YOU.  Asking YOU!

We need not “force” the LOVE Oneness…we need to LIVE IN IT!

THEN, YOU will be the “Light In The DARKNESS” the Good Book tells of.

Big Brother NEVER PUSHED…He EXAMPLED.  He did NOT go out PUSHING what He learned….He SHOWED.

“Follow ME”….I beg you ALL, SEE THIS!  Understand IT!  Then, AS YOU LEARN, SHARE (when ASKED) what you’ve learned TO DATE!

DON’T wait till you “know it ALL”.  YOU / I will NEVER “know it all”.  WHY WASTE YOUR KNOWLEDGE LEARNING ‘til you DOES “Know it All”.  YOU MAY DIE TOMORROW!   What / WHO then can BENEFIT from the things you’ve learned TO DATE!   ???

Learn from me…at least THINK about it.  CHECK me.  DON’T “accept”…CHECK.  CHECK.    CHECK… THEN “follow your HEART”.  Aho?

CreatorGod Bless.  Red Elk



All COMMENTS…”Back and Forth”.

Each can learn from EACH this way.


The CONTROLLERS have been using this Knowledge for CENTURIES…in their SORCERY WAY.

NOW, the “CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!” REAL “weapon” that GO(O)DLY can DO “AS ONE”…JUST as “THEY” HAVE!



(BIG Grin)! re