To the writer on ‘Comments’…AND many others (I’m sure)…..DO they have names?  I can only speak of we 12 “Inners”, and the answer is: YES.

EVERY ANGEL HAS AN ACTUAL NAME!   The trick is, trying to PRONOUNCE THEM! Lots have X’s in them.  Real TONGUE TWISTERS, Believe Me!

So often I “nick name” them (they understand why)…..thank God. These names are not only hard to say…but so too, to REMEMBER.  (ugh)

In the upcoming book, 2 of the FOUR SPIRITS (Angels), are told.  I  have never been told of that of the EASTERN and the SOUTHERN Angels’ names.  But for your sake will tell those two I’ve been ‘introduced’ to:  Angel of the WEST : “STORM”.  Angel of the NORTH : NORTHWIND.

The book tells what each does and has charge of. re


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2 Responses to “Do Angels Have Names?”

  1. Anthony says:

    oOOoo could you please tell me some of them and to which one i would like to try to prounaunce them even if it takes me a while hahaha ah and thanks for answering my question granpa i tried the sunrise and sunset thing but then when i went outside at 4 in the morning i realized that i live in the city and everything is covered by cement and the sun is covered by the buildings so i just went inside and prayed indoors instead at a time that i guess would be sunrise haha i hope that is still acceptable

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Shoot dude…ask THEM! re