Angels DO Help!

I know, I know, few think they do nothing but “protect”.  That is true, BUT…I’ve had the PRIVILEGE of SEEING THEM HELP FOLKS OUT.  Myself included.

Most are unaware there’s angels for ANY GODLY NEEDS YOU MAY HAVE.

JUST in from house….WITH my RUNNING TRUCK!   Could NOT get it started.    Only recourse…ASK DAD!  I asked for His MECHANIC ANGELS to come / help.

Waited ’til I was ASSURED THEY WERE OUT THERE WORKING ON IT.   Waited a few minutes, gave THANKS (to HIM and THEM)…went out and IT STARTED RIGHT UP.

I’ve no idea what the problem WAS…but…..its FIXED.  Aho?   re


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2 Responses to “Angels DO Help!”

  1. shamandrummer says:

    RE… I never thought of it that way. You just opened another door for me. aho

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Remember…we have DOMINION over ALL…get that; ALL? Angels. EVEN lUCIFER! re