Nothing Happened?

Readers….”Dooms-Day” has passed.  NOTHING HAPPENED?
I tell you True:  YES IT HAS!
What took place is / was,WAS A SPIRITUAL SHIFT…and EYE OPENING of “SPIRITUAL EYES”.  
NOW Slow (or NO) of those CALLED  will be JARED to “MOVE” onto LEARNING …GOD is REAL!
ALL Religions will SPLIT..  ALL. Christian / Muslim / Etc. will, in time, split into  FIFE (5) different “groups”….those that remain in “tradition” ways to various FREER ways.  Of this 5 way Split…only ONE group WILL LEARN SOUL “PURITY”.  IE….TOTAL SPIRITUAL   F R E E D O M! 
THE  “ELITE” of those ALL.
To these elite, it will matter NOT AT ALL what Cultural religion., what COLOR, what COUNTRY each if from….ALL THOSE WILL BE ONE!
THIS is what happened on the “doomsday”!
Yes, it HAS BEGUN.   HO!
Now, to all:  I LOVE YOU ALL!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  GodCreator Bless us… ALL!   re


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2 Responses to “Nothing Happened?”

  1. Peter/Bryant says:

    I recall having a dream when I was a very young age, possibly two or three. In this dream I saw people of all nations holding hands around the planet. Each with their own distinct cultural outfit, indicating their origin on the Earth. I think that dream fits with this, as I’ve always wondered where it fit in and this seems likely to be it. Take care Brother Red Elk, and Sister Heather!

  2. redelk says:

    it WILL come to that. GB re