My Personal War

As you know…I’m not in the best of health / shape…..BUT I’M STILL “KICKING”  (Ha ).  Ive received MANY “YOU need to get (buy)  this / that…Do This / That.” 

NO money and I’ll be danged if these well meaning “advisers” seem to think we are Rolling in cash.  Any spare goes on Food / Gas / Family Needs….before MY needs.  Takes $11 to over $40 to just go GET,  PLUS the cost of GETTING.  Start out with near 0, buy the time we are back, back with near 0.

It’s winter here, can’t find a plant not asleep that I CAN get from the land.  That and in so bad of shape, no WAY can I go Get even IF there were seasonable available.  AHO???
OK, body grrrr.
Getting weaker by each day.  A  “get out of bed to urinate”  a HUGE struggle.  Usually CAN’T MAKE IT IN TIME.  A 5 gal open bucket next to my bed … and at the PC.   
Left Foot  feels like a green LOG.  Right one not far behind.  Most food feeding spooned to my by others. Both arms so weak my torso sinks between the handle bars of the walker.  HARD TO TYPE…CANT WRITE!
Anyway, you get the picture.  Aho?
BUT I  AM CONFIDENT “POP” IS DOING A HEALING WORK!  I’m praising and  meaning the thanks!
Several Ways He can.   Aho?
As a teacher, I know many are like me…no Money.  WANT to be well BUT CAN’T “afford” to. 
“Stonelike” if I can EXORCIZE….LOOSING  UP  LOCKING   JOINTS. Exercising  Getting my bodies blood flowing better again.
I am rolling newspapers into “balls” (arms / fingers / hand / arms). 
Bungee cords to stretch, arms/shoulders/neck.
Lifting milk jugs.
Bungee cords to help my legs, etc., etc.
Hot seasoned tea drinking to speed blood veins within.
More Bayer aspirin…thinner / easier flowing blood.
Etc  Etc
Yes, I am FIGHTING!  PTL!   And ALL with ON HAND things.  Aho?
Today I started on my Toes.  COULDN’T BEND THEM ON THE LEFT FOOT.  Took a LOT of HURTFUL effort to get only a TINY MOVEMENT.  But have kept it up, till NOW the bend FULLY.  Right toes improved as well.
I have to THINK them to bend.  But the effort well worth it.  IT MEANS BLOOD IS GOING BACK IN !  Aho?
Helping HIM … and MYSELF as much as I can.
Soon I hope to NOT SINK between the handle bars of the walker….the arms stronger again.
                                                                                    GB    re


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3 Responses to “My Personal War”

  1. Kemokae says:

    I am using my hubby’s addy so answer through your blog if you have anything to say….everyone one now and then needs an little help….so goes for Red Elk..
    I ask the ancestors to come to your aide in an ” healing” Red Elk..yu will know it when it comes…. Nothing strings attached…keep up the good work. So be it!… It is done.

  2. redelk says:

    HE is…not ME. ( : (He dwells withIN me. Aho?) re