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Heather here….

One of my greatest adventures with Red Elk was in 2003, when he took me on an amazing journey to meet his friend Fawn Journey Hawk. I can’t go into the details of what we were doing, but I assure you, it was a learning experience for me, a time in my life I will never forget, and when I realized….Red Elk was the real deal.

I/We have been reaching out to make sure that notice of Red Elk’s passing has been shared. Thanks to Coast to Coast AM, their announcement made it on their website, facebook and radio show reaching  millions of people.

Sometimes it takes awhile to reach a medicine woman who isn’t using modern communication devices, but alas she has been in contact with me now and wrote this. I asked her permission to read it at the memorial service for Red Elk on September 26, 2015. I am publishing now because I believe some people need to hear this. It’s for your heart. Just one of the many messages I’m receiving and will share soon.

Also, regarding Fawn. She is moving her medicine camp and if someone could message me if they have a place that would be suitable for her camp, she will open her tipi for teachings and healings.


Red Elk Gone

A void on the Medicine Path

Yet still a vivid memory and dreams of times past.


He danced with the Wounded Medicine Stones

And dared to defy Grandmother Owl

Red Elk laughed at the darkness

And trespassed in the Underworld


The path he followed was his own

And like the Wolf, mated for life.

He carried the inner-conflict of a “breed”

And used it to build a bridge.


But most of all he was human


“I brought you five pounds of the

Best fudge in the world,” he said

As he handed me the box,

I looked inside-

One piece left,

“but I ate some on the way home.”


“Red Elk, I’ll cook dinner tonight,

What would you like?”

“Baked apples”

Well, I asked so we had baked apples.

That old Indian loved sugar.


Now he’s but a whisper in this dimension.

A whisper that remains as a memory and continues

To walk beside his woman

And look after his loved ones.

A whisper that says, “I’m still here.” “

Sky’s first dilemma answered

Sky came tonight with a question.

He told me how he had found Grandfather’s Medicine Bag that he wears around his neck. He asked if it should be put with his ashes, or burned with his ashes? He said that Canada John said to ask a mutual friend Tim in the community. I wasn’t sure and when we spoke with Adam he said to gift it. While I was doing dishes I had a strong feeling that if Sky was to carry on Red Elk’s work, then he was to keep it for himself to learn to use. Then I wrote to Tim and gave him the 3 choices. He said that Sky should keep it…hiya hiya. I told him that I felt that deep inside too. He said Tapweh. Now I realized, I don’t know what Native American language that is or what it means, and I can’t google it either! He said it is a Cree expression for truth.

I think we are all going to learn a lot on this journey.

Since Red Elk‘s passing I have received 3 messages (just like Red Elk to do it 3 times for me to check…check…check) that his work must continue. I have had numerous correspondences with many of you, I have had someone travel to see me from eastern Canada, and now arriving to stay with us for a week is his grandson Sky. He said he had something to talk to me about. It didn’t take long for me to find out what it is. Red Elk asked him to continue his work and to be available to others when they email and reach out. So what does that mean? I guess we’ll have it all figured out by the end of his stay how to get that request started. Red Elk does still speak. The messages have been amazing, the group (Adam, WS, Canada John, Sky and others) have to figure out our roles here. We’ll keep you posted. 

August 25, 2014 Update

Anthony continued on his travels and visited me (Heather) for almost a week. Even there he found things to do to help us with our move and the kids. He traveled on to visit his sister and will be returning back east in September. He says he will come back to visit us all again, and we all miss him. Red Elk left me a message about how he felt about Anthony that I will transcribe when I have time, but the gist of it is, if everyone behaved the way Anthony did – the world would be a better place for all.

What’s interesting as when one person leaves another one steps up. Now it is Canada John’s turn. Adam called me late last night to tell me that Canada John is ready to help with getting Red Elk’s teachings out and will assist me with this blog. I have just made him an administrator.

I hope for more frequent updates for you all out there.



Anthony Texts Messages

July 28, 2014

OK so today it seemed like it was going to be an uneventful day of just chores but at night time we had a very deep talk. It started as the story about him waiting an angel hand a story thats in the book. And then to the soulless guy from his story thats also in the big book lol but then I told him about a few of my experiences and I found out that lucifer has tried to take me out before because he knew I would grow closer to God and then he gave me a speech I wish we could have recorded cause I believe everybody should have heard it. It was about the many trials of those who seek God and Purity and the many trials ahead of me and all the real dangers I will be in which lead to how important your personal closeness with God is and to not let it be shaken through your trials.



Donations are being delivered!

I asked Red Elk what he would like me to post:

Red Elk said, “Anthony is working out perfect. He has already read everything I have suggested he read before he came, he’s read every book I’ve written, and he’s watched all my videos. He has damn near a photographic memory. I wish I could do more for him.” I said, “Maybe he is just there to answer your prayers.” Red Elk agreed, “Maybe so.”

Interestingly enough, I received a call from a friend of mine who requested to meet with Red Elk for an hour. Last time he saw him he took his advice and it saved his house! He received a new job with a $3,000 bonus check and it all came after talking with Red Elk. Now that he is in a transition, having worked his last day at one job and starting a new one, he decided it is time to seek more clarity. Red Elk is staying up waiting for him.

There was some donations that came in after Adam picked up Anthony, and directed to go to support Anthony’s stay at Red Elk’s and to provide Red Elk tobacco. My friend met me at the store and we filled up his truck with supplies.

Adam and I had expected that Anthony would be low on supplies by now but he reported he still has 80% of his stock from when Adam took him shopping. That means that these supplies should last him through August then. I asked Red Elk if he was feeding him and he said, “No, it’s damn hard to give anything to the kid. I think he will have lost 40lbs by the time he decides to move on.” I said, “Well he does know how to fast.” Red Elk said, “Yes we have talked about this.”

I talked to Anthony and told him that winter there will come quickly and it will get cold in September very fast. That we have to anticipate this if he is to continue to stay with Red Elk. (Of course we all hope so – but it is up to him).

Any donations that come in will be used to purchase him boots, coats, and warm clothing at Goodwill. I would like to buy it from my town because our stores are full of such quality donations. Adam told me he came with only the clothes on his back, a laptop, and a small carryon case. Not much at all.

Anthony helps Meachelle with as many chores as he can, and he believes if he can enroll Sky and Christy to help her that all the problems this family has had will be solved. I think it will be interesting to see how far he can transform the living situation of this family.

He helps Red Elk and listens very carefully and follows his directions perfectly. Red Elk has a lot of needs and he seems to be patient with all of them.

Adam and I know things are going well because when they are not we hear from Red Elk, passing the time, reaching out. I brought this up as a chuckle and he agreed. He said that many people have been showing up too. I told him I’m glad his life has changed and he is once again busy, and not isolated in his house.

We haven’t reached the point yet to prepare for lessons to be recorded. I think right now the last two weeks is everyone just figuring out what their role is.

Jeff is on his way, with only a few hours to go…he is proud and honored to be a part of this. This is great because the donations would have just paid my gas to get there and back, and Jeff is donating his time and gas to make this delivery, and maybe, just maybe he will get another miracle in his life too.

Pretty cool isn’t it!


Red Elk Update

Things are going really well for Red Elk. Anthony has been helping the family, Red Elk and they have been testing equipment to see if it is possible to take him camping. Sounds like they are working up to it successfully.

Adam and Heather Update

Anthony is there.

Red Elk and Anthony are learning to be with each other. Two strangers in a strange land you would say.

The donations were an amazing gift to allow Anthony a soft landing.

Adam donated his time and gas money to get Anthony to Red Elk. I (Heather) have donated my sleep to make sure things are going as planned. I am available for the emergency preparedness. What if Red Elk and Anthony do not want to continue? I am responsible to return Anthony home. Although, I do not think and pray that is the outcome. I believe wholeheartedly that this is the unfolding of a new chapter for Red Elk to get his teachings out to YOU.

The path will reveal itself.



Severe Storm Delays Anthony – In Boston!

He just made it to Boston at 5:00 p.m. EST.

We hope he makes it by Thursday morning!



Off To The Airport

Anthony is on his way to the airport to spend his day traveling to Red Elk!

Well this morning is really exciting. I even dreamed of meeting Anthony
last night. I found a sketch drawing of him to share with you all.

We received a donation that will allow us to purchase Red Elk some tobacco 
and Anthony some food and supplies for his living quarters in a trailer
next to Red Elk yesterday. 

We also received a donation early this morning to use as we see fit, 
so I sent it to Adam to put gas in Red Elk's pickup truck and buy another 
pack of smokes.

Anthony has a drivers license and will just need to be taught where to go
to town and do some of Red Elk's errands. They will probably have to
practice how to get Red Elk in the truck if they are to take him out and
about. I suppose Red Elk will use this opportunity to get back out to the

I know Anthony wrote he is pumped up for this. He is really excited. He is
all about his studies so this should be an amazing opportunity for him,
and a bit of rough living.

I will update you all on the progress.