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Off To The Airport

Anthony is on his way to the airport to spend his day traveling to Red Elk!

Well this morning is really exciting. I even dreamed of meeting Anthony
last night. I found a sketch drawing of him to share with you all.

We received a donation that will allow us to purchase Red Elk some tobacco 
and Anthony some food and supplies for his living quarters in a trailer
next to Red Elk yesterday. 

We also received a donation early this morning to use as we see fit, 
so I sent it to Adam to put gas in Red Elk's pickup truck and buy another 
pack of smokes.

Anthony has a drivers license and will just need to be taught where to go
to town and do some of Red Elk's errands. They will probably have to
practice how to get Red Elk in the truck if they are to take him out and
about. I suppose Red Elk will use this opportunity to get back out to the

I know Anthony wrote he is pumped up for this. He is really excited. He is
all about his studies so this should be an amazing opportunity for him,
and a bit of rough living.

I will update you all on the progress. 

Update on Red Elk’s Situation

Hi this is Heather,

For years I have been in between reading your emails, sharing them with Red Elk, running the social media and so on. I have had the privilege of getting to know some of you very well. You have been generous in your exchanges of energy for energy with Red Elk. This has changed his life to some significant degree for his family, and he has been most grateful. Because of this awesome opportunity, I was able to communicate further with many of you on emails, Facebook messages, comments, etc. This allowed me to get to know the young man Anthony who cares greatly about his studies, which includes Red Elk’s teachings. He listens to them often as to not forget. He took care of a family member until that person passed on. He is young but has depth in love and caring. He has for years had a Red Elk jar named “Grampa” that he put his change into, and when it filled up he would send $20 or so. He never had many means but he gave as often as he could. Unbelievable. Many of you are like that. We never did raise any airline miles to bring him in, so he is putting together his funds and paying for a one way ticket here. Adam will help me get him to Red Elk’s if time permits. His plane will come in at midnight in 2 weeks! I told him that is OK! We are all happy to do what it takes to make this work. If any of you feel called to help Anthony so that we can make his stay sustainable in caring for Red Elk (and learning from Red Elk), then just mention what the donation use is intended for and I will see to it that we apply it any way you wish. Adam and I are going to purchase his initial supplies he will need for his trailer. What’s really amazing is Canada John just came down with the family and cleaned it out and prepared it for someone to live. When Adam heard of Anthony and realized what he and Canada John had just accomplished the weekend prior to Anthony saying he would come, he knew it was going to happen. Adam will pick up Anthony from the airport in the middle of the night and take him to Red Elk. Show him how to drive his truck and get to all the places Red Elk needs things. As Adam puts it, “He will prepare Anthony for a soft landing.”Adam will get Anthony a tape recorder so every time they have a conversation it will be recorded for us to later get out into the world.

Tenzing and I will travel later to sort out all of the computer issues, and figure out the best way to get the teachings out to you all.

My personal goal is to get Anthony stable to stay and learn from Red Elk, in which he will be able to directly pass on Purity, and have Anthony figure out a way to record their conversations, have him type his blogs, whatever we can do to get the teachings out to the world. The rest is up to God.

Thanks for all your support through the years, and it is amazing one of you, is on his way to help!

Really unbelievable.
God Bless,

A Request From Heather


I found a student who would be willing to fly from NY to WA to take care of Red Elk for about a month, and if all works out well, he will stay longer. It’s a big commitment to pick up one’s city life and go to Red Elk’s place. Adam is willing to pick him up from the airport and prepare him. He can trade learning for helping Red Elk. He actually will be helping Red Elk in more than one way: giving Red Elk someone to teach Purity to (he doesn’t want it lost) and someone to keep him company, respect him, and give his family a much needed break from care-taking.

If anyone knows anyone who has enough airline miles to donate for his trip, please contact me…Heather. You can leave a comment and I’ll see your personal information and not publish it.

Thanks for your consideration.

Mother’s Day

(from Heather)

I would like to comment on Mother’s Day. What a holiday that is full of so many emotions. If you wanted to be a mother but couldn’t. If you had a chance to be a mother but had an abortion. If you are a mother but don’t get the acknowledgment of your motherhood. If you are a mother to many children but do not get the acknowledgement from them. It’s just interesting the emotions that come up on these “Made” holidays. I hope all have peace within it.

(from WS)

I would like to add birthmothers to that list.  There’s been an effort in recent years to make another holiday for them a week before, but do you ever see it publicized?  No.  As a birthmother myself it’s like they’re saying ‘hey, we made a holiday for you because you’re not a real mother but we feel bad we’re making you feel left out.’ Whether a mother gave birth or not to the child she’s raising, or gave birth but had to give them up, or COULDN’T give birth ever or keep a kid…THEY’RE ALL MOTHERS, PERIOD.

(from Red Elk)

I’ve seen STEP MOTHERS who receive No Acknowledgement.  Woman who have taken on a role of some one Else’s children.


I’m Still Around

Hello all,

I’m still around, I have crippling arthritis in both hands, as well as in both arms, the left one especially.

I want to thank the person who sent me the package with the Heritage seeds…please write me again. I lost the address and haven’t been able to have Meachelle help me write me back. She is doing my writing now. I want to thank you very much for that.

Despite everything, I can still pray for people, and I am and it is still working. I stay busy doing that.

I haven’t given up. I’m eating salads blended by a bullet now for those of you who keep harping on me.

I love you all, don’t give up on me, I haven’t given up on you.

God Bless,

Red Elk

PS: This communication came via Red Elk’s call to (me) Heather today and I posted this for him. I found the CD that WS had given me years ago to rebuild the blog. Red Elk keeps telling me I am so busy I can’t look down and see my hands. I always love a good challenge. I’m going to start rebuilding the blog. I took all the sticky posts down so you the reader will know what is new (old actually but back up from that complete destruction of 2/3 of his site a few years ago). These must be the stories that need to be retold. I’ll make a commitment to put them up as fast as I can. Also, Red Elk has the cutest children’s coloring book. I also need to get that done. It’s been hard for him, being isolated not only by his body movement but by his inability to log on and read his emails, answer his letters, or see his communications. If you have written to him and not heard from him, this is why. I can only do so much. I know there’s a million unread emails out there and for that I apologize. I have to have the moment and space in time to read to him, write to you and so on. Anyway, he’s going to be 73 years old soon. I know he will be able to read his blog from home. Leave him comments there, that should be a good start to communicate, or at least receive your messages. Thank you and God Bless. – h

Like all of you, we have been concerned about Red Elk’s health so decided to take a visit on Valentines Day evening in between livestreaming a Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle. It turned out to be quite the romantic Valentines Day working together all day, driving across the mountains listening to George Nori on Coast to Coast interview someone and arriving in the middle of the night to borrow Adam’s Dome home, make a fire, and find bedding in Red Elk’s truck waiting for us. We brought our own wood and it couldn’t have been more cozy. The stars were beautiful and I felt like I could pick them off of a tree, and it reminded me how long it had been since we had been camping and outside away from the city lights.

We wake up at 10:00 and call inside to Red Elk’s home, because we are not sure if he is or is not up and about and do not want to disturb him. He doesn’t answer the phone but calls right back and tells us to come on in. His wife is hauling water from the neighbors and we all go inside.

Red Elk looked heavier, and that was a bit of a relief, because I envisioned him “diminished” but instead I saw he had some weight to work with. He and Meachelle visited with Tenzing and I for a good hour and a half before they had to head to town with their daughter to go to get an MRI at the hospital and we had to return to Seattle to livestream the conference again.

Here’s the gist: Red Elk looks like he has a handle on what is wrong, and it is mainly his diabetes. He and Meachelle realized that even during that night we arrived his numbers fell way to low and could cause a Diabetic coma. They are going to have to regulate his blood sugar, when he gets his shots and his food. He couldn’t raise his hands to far up, not even to wash down all the pills he was taking.

His eyes were angelic though! He had a lot of spirit and life in them, and they were illuminating so much that I knew he was doing good. The light in his eyes gave me a lot of hope. Tenzing and I think if he gets his diabetes under control that he could live another 20 normal years and recover.

Red Elk during this time though had to use a walker, and his wife Meachelle was a real trooper doing everything she could for him, and he said that made him want to cry how hard she is working.

He told me I could post the pictures on the blog and he said to tell everyone, “For those of you who prayed for me I thank you, and for those of you who stopped praying for me and started praising God, I really thank you!”

~h & t

and then we end up back at the conference….

Hello all,

Red Elk lives a bit off the grid, and he has always had to use an aircard to send me or WS emails for us to post on this site to share with you. There have been some developments lately.

1. Red Elk has needed to rest for health reasons.

2. His aircard somehow gets used by others in the home and the bills surprise him with over $300 monthly charges. It is just too much for him to continue right now, and unless a company will restrict the useage so he can just stay on his emails, his correspondence via email and the blog will be ending (for now unless a new alternative is found).

I have in the past ran some Kickstarter campaigns, where I helped raise money for projects for people. Instead of using Kickstarter, Red Elk has agreed to let me directly talk to you the reader about this project idea.

I have a number of Red Elk’s work backed up, and I need the resources to get this work completed and out to the world. In no way, do I want to take from Red Elk’s donations by people who are generous and giving when they feel called to support.

Here’s how the projects are scheduled out to go.

#1  The Egg book (This is a coloring book with a beautiful story that Red Elk wrote and illustrated himself years ago before he had the shakes). I need to hire a friend who will give me a low rate to restore the images back to their original design). This will be two different types of books. One will be a coloring book, with the same story in the back, in black and white where a child/or you can color in the story yourself. It’s a very inspired story and beautiful to be book. I will also create an inexpensive black and white coloring book with the story.This is the first project.

#2  The server that this website was on crashed and although we pay the server company to have backups there were none. There is however some back up files given to me from WS and others who have kept some of the work, and I need to rebuild this blog. We are missing 2/3 of it and all the information that was available to the public. While I rebuild the blog, I want to turn it into Red Elk Speaks Blog books so people can have the information on hand, as or if ever needed.

#3 There is an old book of Red Elk’s out called “The Agenda” – I would like to get that out.


Currently, Red Elk and I are doing an audio interview of his book Short Stories. He is able to call in on an 800# and I am recording it while I ask him questions about the “tellings” in his book Short Stories. This is a good alternative to keep producing work for the world until we can do more.

If you feel called to donate you can use the donate button with a note, that it is for a project. Red Elk receives the monies from the sales of the work created and to be clear, should something happen to him, his wife is the beneficiary, then family and etc.

If you have any questions feel free to email me

We will end this Red Elk “kickstarter” experiment on Valentines Day!

Thank you!



Red Elk Update from Heather

I’m on the phone with Red Elk, and we are discussing his blog. From time to time, he sends out private emails that we know you would still love to read. Therefore, he has agreed that OCCASIONALLY he will continue to p0st.

Meanwhile, being off like he has been at the moment, as given him the opportunity for his family and around the house, something that maintaining the blog took a lot of time away from.

On that note – I’m going to tell you all about his new plunger on the next post.

Red Elk’s 2nd book: Lessons

“Lessons” is now available for sale for 35$ plus shipping. Please be aware that this book is not the lengthy book of Tellings as in “Short Stories” for the same price. This book is approximately 45 pages of Red Elk’s wisdom on “How To”. Red Elk teaches lessons on health, invisibility, levitation and teleportation and telepathy.

Red Elk had these out for sale in a printed pamphlet for 22$ per lesson.  We want to make sure you understand this is a shorter book, with actual “How to do” lessons.

Red Elk had decided to put this out, at the very reduced price, because time is too short to fiddle around. Red Elk requests

“That you do not complain about the shortness of this booklet, or the price, just be thankful it is no longer $22 per lesson as before. Now get out there and learn!”


Click Here to purchase Lessons.

I just completed submitting Red Elk’s second book “Lessons” to Createspace for final approval of sale. The book should be available this week.

Sneak peak at the back cover:

Just completed Red Elk’s second book: Lessons. The back of the book: Within this booklet you will find the teachings of Red Elk. A Med Man / Wakian member of the Inner Heyoka’ Socity.

These 12 members follow PURITY…the “ways of Christ”.

These Inner Heyoka’ Society are the last of this Society. As they pass away, they will no longer exist.

This Society was the BEGINING of what today is known as TRADITIONAL Medicine People. Aho?

IF the reader is CONSISTENTLY trying to learn the lessons within…WITH a CHILD-LIKE MIND…..They WILL succeed.