Donations are being delivered!

I asked Red Elk what he would like me to post:

Red Elk said, “Anthony is working out perfect. He has already read everything I have suggested he read before he came, he’s read every book I’ve written, and he’s watched all my videos. He has damn near a photographic memory. I wish I could do more for him.” I said, “Maybe he is just there to answer your prayers.” Red Elk agreed, “Maybe so.”

Interestingly enough, I received a call from a friend of mine who requested to meet with Red Elk for an hour. Last time he saw him he took his advice and it saved his house! He received a new job with a $3,000 bonus check and it all came after talking with Red Elk. Now that he is in a transition, having worked his last day at one job and starting a new one, he decided it is time to seek more clarity. Red Elk is staying up waiting for him.

There was some donations that came in after Adam picked up Anthony, and directed to go to support Anthony’s stay at Red Elk’s and to provide Red Elk tobacco. My friend met me at the store and we filled up his truck with supplies.

Adam and I had expected that Anthony would be low on supplies by now but he reported he still has 80% of his stock from when Adam took him shopping. That means that these supplies should last him through August then. I asked Red Elk if he was feeding him and he said, “No, it’s damn hard to give anything to the kid. I think he will have lost 40lbs by the time he decides to move on.” I said, “Well he does know how to fast.” Red Elk said, “Yes we have talked about this.”

I talked to Anthony and told him that winter there will come quickly and it will get cold in September very fast. That we have to anticipate this if he is to continue to stay with Red Elk. (Of course we all hope so – but it is up to him).

Any donations that come in will be used to purchase him boots, coats, and warm clothing at Goodwill. I would like to buy it from my town because our stores are full of such quality donations. Adam told me he came with only the clothes on his back, a laptop, and a small carryon case. Not much at all.

Anthony helps Meachelle with as many chores as he can, and he believes if he can enroll Sky and Christy to help her that all the problems this family has had will be solved. I think it will be interesting to see how far he can transform the living situation of this family.

He helps Red Elk and listens very carefully and follows his directions perfectly. Red Elk has a lot of needs and he seems to be patient with all of them.

Adam and I know things are going well because when they are not we hear from Red Elk, passing the time, reaching out. I brought this up as a chuckle and he agreed. He said that many people have been showing up too. I told him I’m glad his life has changed and he is once again busy, and not isolated in his house.

We haven’t reached the point yet to prepare for lessons to be recorded. I think right now the last two weeks is everyone just figuring out what their role is.

Jeff is on his way, with only a few hours to go…he is proud and honored to be a part of this. This is great because the donations would have just paid my gas to get there and back, and Jeff is donating his time and gas to make this delivery, and maybe, just maybe he will get another miracle in his life too.

Pretty cool isn’t it!



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  1. Anne says:

    Fantastic news and thank you very much for the updates, Heather. They mean a lot. I think about you all often and what a blessing that Red Elk has this kind of support at this time in his life.