August 25, 2014 Update

Anthony continued on his travels and visited me (Heather) for almost a week. Even there he found things to do to help us with our move and the kids. He traveled on to visit his sister and will be returning back east in September. He says he will come back to visit us all again, and we all miss him. Red Elk left me a message about how he felt about Anthony that I will transcribe when I have time, but the gist of it is, if everyone behaved the way Anthony did – the world would be a better place for all.

What’s interesting as when one person leaves another one steps up. Now it is Canada John’s turn. Adam called me late last night to tell me that Canada John is ready to help with getting Red Elk’s teachings out and will assist me with this blog. I have just made him an administrator.

I hope for more frequent updates for you all out there.




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