Hello Rosa,

Meachelle received the beautiful gifts and offerings. She was overwhelmed, especially because she will be retiring this summer. She puts her yarn supplies to good use, and is like a squirrel with the financial support. She says she hopes that you are blessed beyond all the ways that she can say thank you, because she can not say it enough times. It would have been Red Elk’s 76 birthday on June 18, 2019 and every time something likes this happens she feels very connected to his work on this earth and how it has supported her long after his passing. Red Elk wasn’t traditional, so there is nothing but the love of folks like you that create this security for her.

I am most grateful too…it shows me to keep sending messages of his teachings, and to keep the work going AM & PM as he requested. Much love and safe journeys. May you see all of the beauty in the world and enjoy your moments, every step of the way!

Thank you from Meachelle, family and me! Red Elk too!



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