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Friends, it is one thing to Read….this at least Helps.  Quite another to EXPERIENCE.  IE : Practice.

As long as it hurt none, as long as it’s morally right….never JUST read….go out and DO IT.    re

There are TWO (2) reasons that brings illnesses to its final destination….Crippled or Death.

ONE is that “Dad” is using this to tell you “YOU NEED TO GET ‘RIGHT’ WITH ME.”

The other :  FEAR!

WHITE DOCTORS unknowingly Use FEAR to feed their “coffers”.


Combine That with RIGHTSTANDING (in Creator)…..and you’ll become FANTASTIC!

A “LIGHT” in “the DARKNESS”.



I’ve been  ‘at this’ (Medicine Man Ways) for a very long time.  Seen sicknesses ‘left to right’.  We have our ways.  Aho?

As an Inner Heyoka, as told, our Society seek PERMANENT healing.  Big Brother’s “way”.  Aho?  Ho!

Meanwhile, there ARE ways to Slow or Stop problems.

Cancer being one.


You make smell like a pizza, but you’ll be an EATING ONE!

Garlic (we used WILD Garlic….so yes, we had garlic)….Use store bought now.

KNOW that “Elephant” garlic is an ONION.  WON’T work.

A GARLIC DISH “wash” gets it to the hard to get areas.  Do (each time) ‘til you “run” clearly.

I’ve found a HOT BATH SOAK, then IMMEDIATELY rub Garlic “cream” on BOTTOM OF FEET (pores are then open greatly) gets the vapors slowly moving upwards and inwards, sure a GOOD WAY to get it into you.

I’d even soak cotton or wool socks in the juices and wear (right after soak / rub in) “doing” keeps this vapor going.

It’s an Amazing Herb.

I’m waiting for the “white doctors” to find out its many curing ways.

Breast Cancer?  RUB GARLIC “CREAM” ON, vigorously.

Still, this way is still a STOP GAP!   Either will return in Another Spot OR ANOTHER TYPE OF PROBLEM.



A sister emailed:

Red Elk, I had a vivid dream Monday night also–the day after praying for your trip…
In my dream there was a woman working & the powers that be/her bosses at her job PRETENDED that she was going to get a promotion and a raise –so I saw her moving to the left & another woman moving in to her old position on her right–etc– but she wasn’t getting paid more and discovered she wasn’t really in a higher position… She left and the woman to the right of her was PRETENDED upon too– she really thought she’d get paid more & a promotion too so she thought she ought to loyally keep working for this company–she moved to the left one position (like a wheel turning) and some new girl arrived BUT–this second woman SAW–her EYES became open– she saw she wasn’t really getting promoted or paid more–she said to herself:  “I’m not working within this deceptive system anymore” –and she walked OUT/LEFT & as she got outside, a guy from her factory left too–he was working in the back & the first woman drove up in her car & they were all going to join together…in TRUTH….

They stopped serving those who kept promising “empty gains” temporary things that MEANT NOTHING –and never even materialized– she recognized she was being used because of her loyalty & also her belief in THEM –they were exploiting all of that….

I was really disturbed by that dream all day & just felt inside that God had something he really really wanted to show me through it!??!!! (even though it’s pretty straight forward)….

I know it’s not muddy waters turning clean, but it was soon after your work and I hardly ever get vivid dreams…

God Bless!!

Just re-read.  LEFT and Right….or GODRIGHT.
ONE Sees and LEAVES….Another (in BACK ROOM. ….a MANIPULATER)….”SEES” TOO and decides to DESERT.  Then the 3rd HAS SEEN and JOINS the other 2.
To me : PEOPLE ARE STARTING to SEE the TRUTH of CONTROLLERS and JOINING UP as FREED ONES.  “Outside” the SHEEPLE who have FAITH in USELESS ‘lies’….Air (talk).

To me : THE BREAKING AWAY to the GodRIGHT (one word).

Seems, to Me that “THE DAM HAS BEGUN TO CRACK.  Little pieces of Cement falling away from the MASSIVE Man Made DAM(ned) of “L”.

No longer will the DIRTY (black) Muddy Waters collected behind the dam be continuously collected.  CLEAN / FRESH and TRUE (G(o)OD WATERS WILL NOW BEGIN TO BE!         Aho?    re

To any following the reports of the recent Fight Back of the healing ‘trip’ many joined in, I’d like you to KNOW mankind is at war.  Have been since “day one” (Adam / Eve / Serpent).

Few are Fully Aware at how SUBTLE “L” is.

You / I / ALL…are CONSTANTLY BEING Attacked.

Our Daily Lives are filled with stresses / fears / sadness / etc.  ALL … ATTACKS!

PLANNED attacks, to keep you / us Distracted and Away from our Maker….and His LOVE.

To keep US from LEARNING and SHARING to others in this ‘minefield’ called Life.

All ‘paths’ are filled with ‘Pot Holes’ ….. even Collapsed ‘Bridges’.

“hE comes as a ROARING LION”.

Those contemplating Suicide….another Drink….Drug “His”….to ‘escape’ the daily pains of Life….please :   RECONSIDER!

LEARN YOU ARE  S  T  R  O  N  G  E  R   than lucifer.  (oh yes you ARE!).

hE’S an ANGEL…and the Creator says WE have FULL CONTROL OVER   A  L  L    angels.

It’s easy to SAY…..and ONLY by TESTING THIS SAYING will you EVER KNOW.

Consider doing so, PLEASE!

We human’s are GIFTED BEINGS.  Gifted with STRENGTHS Far Greater than most realize.

If you have ‘followed’ this recent  ONE HEART / MIND event….SEE THE TRUTH that WE…or just YOU, can WIN!

I wish you well.



More from John:

Interesting coincidence. 3 in Europe with visions of muddy black water running from the pyramid and then finally clear on the day and time of backing. They received the call that it was done a short time after seeing the water run clear.  Another in Canada had a dream of his house being surrounded by a flood of muddy black water on that day after he backed us. Thankfully in his dream a giant tow truck pulled him, family, and WHOLE HOUSE out of trouble… they were riding on top.  Hmm, you’re really gonna let the canada jokes fly on this one the next time we meet. 🙂   i’ll have to let the 2 groups know how similar their visions were.  All stories really positive.   – john

One of the most difficult things to get people to see, is the Full Meaning of Scriptural Wording :  “THOUGHTS ARE REAL”.

This is meant for ALL (religions / ways / etc.)  But how many pay it a lick of attention?

“He” has it there FOR A REASON!   Best consider it.

“Dad” made ALL…you and I included, by FIRST  THINKING  on what He wanted to do.


We are PROOF of this.  ALL you SEE / SMELL / HEAR / FEEL / Etc. STEMS FROM THIS.

To help you understand:  when YOU ‘DAYDREAM’ YOU are CREATING SOMETHING VERY REAL.

So, (for instance) you are “thinking” (day dreaming) a bunch of (say) Friends out partying (etc.)….and IF GOD IS TELLING TRUE…THOSE you are DAY-DREAMING….consider YOU  “GOD”!

When you are distracted and CEASE this Day-Dream…..YOU HAVE DESTROYED THOSE IN YOUR “Dream”!    Gone.

This goes for Anything you day-dream.  (Not just ‘friends’).


If you “day-dream”, say, Killing….and Day-Dream you are doing so….in THAT FRAME OF MIND, it is  F  A  C  T !


When you DO “kill” (or ANY UnGodly thoughts) and KNOW the TRUTH of “Thoughts are Real”….and WANT TO remain in “His” ‘Right-Standing’….then APOLOGIZE TO HIM and SEEK FORGIVENESS!

ALL you produce in you mind…Good OR Bad….according to HIM…are FACTS.  Aho?   re


Adam out now from his Vision Quest.  Looked like a dirty, unshaved, “beat” HOBO emerging from the forest.  (  :

Did he get his Vision?  He thinks not.  I disagree.  He just doesn’t understand yet.

I’ll ask him to write of his time out there alone (if he’s willing).  CAME OUT “CHANGED”.

Better understanding of the Great SIMILARITIES between “white” religion and that of the NA.  Now able to BRIDGE…and “walk in 2 shoes”.

Far more understanding the “Way of Purity”.

I had food with me (he hadn’t eaten in 6 full days).  Wasn’t the “PERFECT” meal….(wife keeps buying only Low Fat meats….falls apart.  grrrrr).

Knowing it wouldn’t matter (He’d eat fried…and LOVE IT!).  (  :

Now in shower and getting shaved.

He’ll leave tomorrow.


Big Brother “went to the wilderness OFTEN”……PRIVATE Undisturbed  One-On-One with the Great Creator.

You’d be surprised how MUCH these times help you to “CENTER” yourself with HIM.

The NA KNEW THIS….the “whites” have forgotten.


Aho?    re


John, one of the three ‘trippers’:

That’s awesome. yes, please get me one if you are able. I stopped at the custom knife place on the way back home and the guy there thought they were out of business and unable to get them anymore. Thank you
Also, i will be talking to Sue chickadee tonight. 🙂 I know she’ll be very happy to hear from you. Shared the story and your email with mom…this whole thing brought a tear to her eye. She’s strong but you can’t help but be moved by everything that’s happening. I’m trying to find a good way to put into words the Go(o)d experience that collectively is growing in us. It seems to me that for myself and others this was more than just a step forward. It’s feels more like momentum!
Was a full day. High winds and rain here too! Got home quite late this evening just in time to catch Europe on skype as it’s morning time for them. There’s a huge THANKS to ALL from europe. A friend who lives close to the pyramid has checked on it.The above ground structure and house seem more or less intact from what he can see from the road. Uncle’s going there next week to check it out in detail and start the process. He and two others were shown that the landscape and architecture has drastically changed.  It’s only a matter of time for the physical to follow in it’s entirety. The original intent is becoming a reality. A place of PEACE free for ALL. Also, similar to mom’s experience the gathering in Europe heard a bell and then received the call that it was done. It seems that All that backed us had some deep insight or outright sign.  A bold friend requested to see two chickadees land on the post outside as a sign that her vision and the presence she felt was true. Was frustrated that it didn’t happen right away, but two landed there today as she had asked. She was backing us with an immense strength and focus, and for a full 3 hours…She earned it. 🙂 The stories i’m getting are incredible.
I’m backing Adam with you all the way!
it IS done.
Sharing this, John.  Keep us informed.  PTL!   re