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Some have asked my “standing” on who I vote for.  Who I “stand” with.

Well, folks , the one I “stand” with is NEVER ON THE BALLOTS!   GODCREATOR.   So, I DONT VOTE!

When I was adopted into HIS FAMILY (takes 3 + to be a FAMILY), I then became a CITIZEN of HIS “LAND”…..HEAVEN.

“On Earth, AS IT IS in HEAVEN.” 

I’ve found HEAVEN is PERFECT.  These of Earth….well, a DIRTY MIRROR of what Earth SHOULD be.

I pity…REALLY PITY….our Earthbound people.  Try as some have, their ‘choice’ is NEVER bent to REAL “Godliness”.  Always those ‘in power’ end up ‘advised’ by instigators who have SELF or OTHERS’ Ego Intent……or their OWN such.


Only ONE, friends.  Only ONE!  And NEVER PUT ON THE BALLETS!     re