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“Grandfather” Speaks

OK, folks….by now you see I’m a “Let’s STOP this NONSENSE” guy.  Frankly, “hard hitting” at times. 

Wish someone had been as blunt with ME a number of years ago.  Maybe would have helped.  Sure has taken me long enough to start “seeing”.
I had no father (to speak of) to take me “to the woodshed” when I was growing up.
Many here DO, but these fathers are more “whippers” then otherwise.
Frankly, I’m going about speaking out, WRONGLY.  The PROPER way is “Dad’s” way:  “Go to the person (privately) and tell what he / she is outta line on…IF they WON’T LISTEN…take ANOTHER with you….if THAT doesn’t work…TAKE THEM BEFORE THE BODY OF BELIEVERS…and if THAT doesn’t work; CAST THEM OUT FROM YOUR MIDST!  THIS then MAY help and they WILL “get right”….
See, that’s what HE tells to do.  I DONT KNOW YOU PERSONALLY!  CAN’T just stroll over to talk to you privately.  So, this is the Best I CAN do.
I apologize.  I apologize for CARING ABOUT ALL EQUALLY.  “Christian” / Muslim / Buddhist / Atheists or WHATEVER!
I CARE!  Care enough to DO a way I’m Not SUPPOSED TO!
But doing what I feel needs to be done…and in the only way I find it possible.
Please, FORGIVE ME my “brashness”.  Can’t blame ANY if they get upset.  JUST TRYING TO GET YOU BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK!
We ARE “ALL ONE RELATION”…we ALL are of the Same “Mind Womb” of the One and ONLY…AND VERY ALIVE Creator.
He sees no Skin Difference.  He sees no “WAY” difference.  “He” sees ONLY ONE OF HIS OWN CREATED KIDS!
“He” IS REAL.  DOES Exist.  Cares…and LOVES.
So do I.
Can’t help it, He’s my “Pops”…the Holy Spirit is my “Mom”…and Jesus IS my BIG “BROTHER”.
If any can “see”…I’m not making you a “Medicine Man”…but EVEN MORE SO,  a MIRACLE MAN!  Above and BEYOND a “Medicine Man”.
Doesn’t matter WHO you are…what RACE you are …OR what you THINK of The Creator.
NO Religion is 100% CORRECT…but ALL “ways” have VALUE in it.
Pick that “value” out and learn to DISCARD the rest.
LETS   A L L   LIVE IN PEACE again.  Was, Long ago.  AGES ago.
Doesn’t matter where we went wrong….matters only that we CAN return, as ONE PEOPLE, under LOVE!  Aho? 
Please, forgive me…this old “DOPE SWATTER”….”Grandfather” Red Elk.
And please….will you…CAN you; at least TRY, to get along?  Let’s let LOVE have a go for a change.
                                                      I LOVE YOU