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In my years in ‘Medicine’ Healing. I have found there are two “Dis-Eases” that start out as simple Trickery.  “Cons” if you please:   ALZHEIMER’S and BI-POLAR.
BOTH ‘brought on’, to GET THEIR WAY!
In these, they escalate…and become a True sickness.
Thanks to “knowledgeable” Doctors/etc., they have now been ACCEPTED as Viable health problems.  THIS IS “GOOD”, For the DOCTORS / PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES / AND THE PATIENT!
Both are a SELF-ORIENTED  C  O  N.  A SCAM!  To loved ones and those around them.
BOTH can be “cured” by a GOOD Psychiatrist…..unfortunately, there ARE no GOOD Psychiatrists!!  At least not in/for THESE 2 areas.
I have “cured” 3 Alzheimer people.  NONE of the Bi-Polar.  The last do not WANT TO BE HEALED!
Even I can’t go across a persons will.
KNOW: SOME Bi-Polar are Demon caused.  NOT MOST THOUGH.
KNOW TOO:  there ARE people with TRUE Disorders.  BORN WITH things.  NOT ALL THOUGH.

There is another “problem” as well….NOT Self-Caused (in general).  This more a problem with the INDIVIDUAL then with the general public…..HOMOSEXUALITY.
Again, curable….IF they desire.
Today its ACCEPTED….and thus CAN ESCALATE through Accepting.
I do not get upset over gays…but DO get upset that THE CAUSE is UNKNOWN by our Church / Bible LEADERS.  WHY?  Because it’s REASON…..IS IN THE SCRIPTURES!