In my years in ‘Medicine’ Healing. I have found there are two “Dis-Eases” that start out as simple Trickery.  “Cons” if you please:   ALZHEIMER’S and BI-POLAR.
BOTH ‘brought on’, to GET THEIR WAY!
In these, they escalate…and become a True sickness.
Thanks to “knowledgeable” Doctors/etc., they have now been ACCEPTED as Viable health problems.  THIS IS “GOOD”, For the DOCTORS / PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES / AND THE PATIENT!
Both are a SELF-ORIENTED  C  O  N.  A SCAM!  To loved ones and those around them.
BOTH can be “cured” by a GOOD Psychiatrist…..unfortunately, there ARE no GOOD Psychiatrists!!  At least not in/for THESE 2 areas.
I have “cured” 3 Alzheimer people.  NONE of the Bi-Polar.  The last do not WANT TO BE HEALED!
Even I can’t go across a persons will.
KNOW: SOME Bi-Polar are Demon caused.  NOT MOST THOUGH.
KNOW TOO:  there ARE people with TRUE Disorders.  BORN WITH things.  NOT ALL THOUGH.

There is another “problem” as well….NOT Self-Caused (in general).  This more a problem with the INDIVIDUAL then with the general public…..HOMOSEXUALITY.
Again, curable….IF they desire.
Today its ACCEPTED….and thus CAN ESCALATE through Accepting.
I do not get upset over gays…but DO get upset that THE CAUSE is UNKNOWN by our Church / Bible LEADERS.  WHY?  Because it’s REASON…..IS IN THE SCRIPTURES!



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5 Responses to “Cons”

  1. Teri says:

    What do you believe the Bible says is the “cause” of homsexuality ? Just asking, how can you believe that homosexuality is “curable” if someone wants it to be when science is showing that it is NOT a chosen behaviour but rather genetic ?

  2. Living Documents says:

    Shows what “Science” “knows”. And shows who YOU are believing! It is alot to explain…and ABSOLUTELY IS CURABLE. I’ve stated I’ve Done so..and MEANT IT!

    3 “sets” (out of 3).

    Still, if one PREFERS that life…it wont be cured. SELF WILL RULES EVERYTHING…including this.

    “Dad” doesn’t seem to care for it. Knowing the PURITY of “His” word TEACHES HOW IT COMES ABOUT. Explaining that is the cure. A simple Counseling…using “His” PURE Word, is all it takes.

    Ditto on ALZHEIMER’S! Cured THAT as well.

    I NEVER Speak “idly”!

  3. Teri says:

    So, if you don’t mind how does “it come about” (homosexuality)? I have read the Bible and have NOT read this. Perhaps my mind is closed, but I really don’t think that God cares if one is gay or not. But it is important how are relationship is with Gad , others and nature. What do you think?

  4. Teri says:

    PS I do believe that you never speak idly…….I’m just trying to understand and wrap my mind around things.

  5. Living Documents says:

    I “Think” you’ve asked enough…so this ends at end of this. I WON’T “PEN PAL”. Aho? Ok, that said…of COURSE He loves you…JUST AS YOU ARE. Any are. That doesn’t mean APPROVAL…just means CARES / LOVES, as ANY Parent. That LOVE NO ONE can “evade”. Its called AGAPE LOVE. Aho?

    Told you the knowledge IS in His Word…told all ALSO “USE YOUR CONCORDANCE!” Any NOT using this will ALWAYS “go around” what His PURE Word tells.

    Ok, done, and I mean DONE. SEEK Via HIS Word, JUST AS WE 12 “Inners” have / do. Good luck. re