Time to Reprogram ~


Always check the facts

Red Elk never wants you to believe everything you hear, no matter who is telling you…he wants you to check three times to see if true.


Trust in God

I like how this meme from David W. was not just the third one he made, but he put the word important next to the file name. I love this message to not “trust” in fear! I never looked at it that way. So now when I feel fearful I remember to let it pass, and trust in God. ~ h


In 2011 – I received a request to have Red Elk do an interview with Spirit Investigators. This is one of my favorite interviews. H

Hello all,

What will be posted while WS, Adam and I prepare unpublished work of Red Elk – we have David W’s amazing work of reading Red Elk’s words and finding the nuggets of wisdom and making modern day memes out of them. Prepare to be inspired! I am!

Thank you so much David for your support! Red Elk is proud of you and his family is happy for the messages you are keeping alive in his original words.




Thank You Rosa

Dear Rosa,

Meachelle called me to tell me how thankful she was for your donations after you sold your home. She was shocked and grateful. She has been out of work due to a fall and then a dizzy spell. Your generosity seemed to arrive in a timely manner. Of course, it helps us all to know we are all looked after. Meachelle wanted to send you a card but since she doesn’t know where to send it, she asked me to post on the blog hoping you will see this and have a place to comment. I can keep the comment private or write you back.

I really appreciate your long term support of Meachelle and Red Elk’s family. It is amazing and we are all grateful.



There is a book that was written in the late 60’s, and publicly published by two publishers that discusses the reality of earth shifts  (its the crust that shifts, not the entire planet.  Its just as bad.)…before the CIA classified it and shut it away as much as they could.  Then a few years ago the CIA ‘sanitized’ (another term for redacted, but less messy-looking and obvious) and released 57 of the 232 pages, and you can download those pages on their website among all the other declassified documents there.  Its called ‘The Story of Adam and Eve: A History of Cataclysms’, and the pages released are the story of the last two cataclysms – Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden, and Noah.  And the proof of such that the author Chan Thomas gathered from varied sciences, histories, indigenous tales, pretty much everything they could get their hands on for 20 years.  Including shocking revelations about Genesis being FAR more accurate than people believe.  And how the ‘ice age’ didn’t happen like is currently thought.  Its frightening and really interesting in equal measure.

And its just ONE FOURTH of the information in that book.

If anyone out there happened to buy a copy before the CIA got a hold of it…its up to you what you do with it, but the world does need to know this story.


(if anyone is wondering what happened to me with regards to this blog…it wasn’t my path to continue, tho I seem to keep being un-removed from the blog’s admin list.  Red Elk left it to Heather to continue distributing his teachings.)

Happy Easter


It’s Heather and I wish you all a great Easter weekend. I have been thankful for the support that Red Elk’s family continues to receive in the form of donations and book purchases. Sometimes they coincide with great need: either emotionally with confirmation of his wife striving to take care of the family or actually directly in assisting with allowing them to continue to make their home modern with running water and soon a septic system.

I looked in my emails for something to do with Easter but I found this response after I discussed visiting my grandparents and receiving gifts and good times. I thought I would share.

It is good child, to listen to the past paths of the elders.  Thus you are
ingrained in their knowledge and why they have grown into their particular
personality, their “path”.  They were ready to share and in so doing ready
for their give-away. The give-away is their wanting you to have good
memories of them….not bad.  They are preparing to leave. Though consciously
they are not aware of this SUBconsciously they are. They SUBconsciously know their
“time” is short. LOVE THEM.  Ho
Ho  Red Elk

In Memoriam: Fawn Journeyhawk

Hello everyone,

I have learned of Fawn’s passing and have this link for you to read some beautiful tributes.

In Memorium


Running Water in the Home!

This is Heather – Wow I have chills! Red Elk may have passed on a few years ago but there have been so many people continuing to support his wife and family. They have lived this whole time without running water in the house. People who have been donating have done so to go towards the well. Today I just saw this post on Facebook from his daughter Christine –

OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!! ITS OFFICIAL……. For the first time in many many years we have actual real live running water in the house!!! Holy shit did it take forever for the companies to get er done. Im so out of my mind about it right now, im floating around in orbit because this moment is way better than cloud nine!!