Red Elk Speaks April 12, 2015

Folks a lot of people haven’t heard from me for good reason. I’ve been pretty ill for the last two and a half years now. Almost impossible to email anyone or even write a letter. It came to my wife has letters but literally I have stacks of letters here to answer, but I couldn’t even read my own writing.  But I love my people, everyone that sends that has a need or donates, I owe so much to donators, but just having the strength to answer, I’m shocked and tired.  Through the glory and the goodness of God our Creator.  I do what I can while I can.  I apologize to not getting back to all these letters I just can’t do it anymore.  I just haven’t got the strength friends.  I am very grateful.  All the money know goes to medicines to keep me going.  The aspirin keeps my blood running.  Medicine is important to me and I can only do so much.  But God loves me and he loves you and I love you and I care about you.  Please understand please forgive me.  I am what I am and I do what I can when I can’t .  Certain people will come to my mind that have hurts the whole works and when they come to my mind I know that right then I need to pray for that person and I do an in depth prayer for that person, envisioning goodness for that person and they too must make it through just as I do.  But most people my strength friends is my love for you and my love for god, our creator.  So again please forgive me and know I love you all.  Even those who think I’m an enemy.  I’m not.  You’re your own enemy.  I send you love. God is spoken through different names, cultural name differences.  So stupid to fight over it.  If they want only name, call him Love.  That will stop a lot of killings.  God is love for all people.



How we communicate with you

I (Heather) just got off the phone with Red Elk and was responding to some of the comments on the blog for him. I read him your comments and then he responds.

Red Elk said his wife and daughter have been getting in worse shape than him trying to lift him around and always take care of him, so the donations he is receiving is great to help him with their medical costs. Thank you for that.

I wanted to share 2 of the responses he just made in some comment sections….they are standing alone out of context, but I think they are so interesting…he’s still got it.

Comment response #1: I am reading Red Elk your comment and he says the first thing you have to do is Praise God in All Things. And then this is not a joke, he’s dead serious, if you want to get well you start right there.

Comment response #2: I read this to Red Elk, and find it very poetic. Red Elk says you will be far better off not trying to conquer the insects, etc., but companionship with them. They will show you their beauty and their thoughts. They too are like you and I – i.e. people – the centipede people, grasshopper people, they think they are people and deal with them as if they really were, because they really are.



Happy New Year from Red Elk

Hello everyone,

Red Elk called me (Heather) before Christmas and asked me to get a Merry Christmas wish and Happy New Year out to all of you. I’m so sorry I have been busy. I have seen some comments and need for Red Elk to support you. I will pass them along shortly. He is no longer able to use a computer nor is he interested in having a new computer. He wouldn’t mind some company though.

He has been making special walking sticks and that is helping him, but the process is slow.

I am working on getting his children’s coloring book out that he drew and wrote himself before he started shaking. I have someone helping me fix it now and hope to get it out soon for him to see.

So from me and especially from Red Elk, thank you for your donations, prayers, thoughts, and love.

God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Heather and on behalf of Red Elk

Red Elk Calls with Information


I’m certainly not dead. I am trying to earn money to pay for my medical bills and medicines. One of which is making talking sticks/dancing sticks and walking staffs. These are all of diamond willow from way up in the Yukon. They are absolutely beautiful in color and I’ve already got 5 orders. But each order takes me a week or better to do in my shape. Anyway, I want to thank the people that donate financial money for me. I use that money for medicines and the tools that I need for these sticks. I’m not writing this for donations, I’m writing this to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking and praying for people and doing work that I can do within the medicine way. I want to thank you all who are sticking with me and may God creator bless you.

PS: I’m still having trouble with this dang computer. You people take care and if you have a need let me know. Do not expect a letter in return, it’s almost impossible for me to type or write. You can leave a message on the blog and Heather will tell me.

In this I close and again I thank all. May God bless each one of you.

Red Elk


October 1, 2014

I asked grandfather “What is the root thought behind the creation of dimensions? What are the mechanics that govern it?”
To paraphrase, he said that the only mechanics that govern dimensions, or anything, is that thoughts are real. Really these things are quite easy. It’s difficult for people to accept that these things are so simple.
To really understand a specific thing about dimensions, or anything, you contemplate. Contemplate on the part that you like or would like to learn about. You then look deeply at that thought and expand it.
The bible says to have the mind of a child. How can you have the mind of a child when you’re trying to emphasize simplicity into adult stupidity? This contemplation should be done with the mind of a child. To expand your thought you simply follow your thoughts as they come. This is done freely as a child would do without over-complicating or over-analyzing the thought. Be a kid!

Grandfather red elk’s words

A Message From Red Elk about another Shaman Medicine Woman

I (Heather) just got off the phone with Red Elk. In 2003 Red Elk took me on an
adventure and I on it I met Fawn Journey Hawk. Red Elk has agreed to help
me assist in getting Fawn's message out. He also wanted me to tell you all
he is having computer problems again, and hoping someone will be arriving
in the near future who can help him get back on line.

A Personal Message From The Journeyhawk Medicine Camp,

Twenty-first century Medicine Workers will be facing many new challenges
with high levels of radioactive pollution and horrible mutated bacteria
and viruses, all creeping slowly into our lives. A serious upgrade of
traditional medicine ceremonies is in order.

As a High Medicine Shaman who works as a team with the Higher Powers of
Healing in the Spirit realm I was summoned by the Ancestors to do just
that. Almost nightly for four years in dreamtime I studied under their
direction to understand the powers of the future threats to humankind and
how to control them.

With radioactive fallout reaching the West Coast, via the jet stream and
ocean currents, added to the chem trails we can look forward to a massive
rise in thyroid cancer and deformed fetuses. These are the first signs of
the effects of accumulating radiation.

The media fails to inform us of the inescapable toxic soup spreading
across the planet from the nuclear disaster in Japan that continues to
contaminate. As a result most people are unaware of the poisons they are
encountering daily.

Independent research shows 90% of the nation’s nuclear power plants are
degrading and beginning to contaminate their area. These poisons, like
irradiated cesium and plutonium, are microscopic and can’t be detected by
the human senses, placing us in the same predicament as the frog in the
pot of water- unaware that he’s about to cook. The invisible poisons we
eat, drink and are surrounded by daily aren’t removed from the body
through the natural elimination process. They slowly accumulate until the
cells can no longer function properly and begin to break down, resulting
in cancer or other malfunctions.

Radioactive cesium has already been detected in mother’s milk in the Eugen
Oregon area. Badly deformed fetuses are being aborted in the first
trimester in S.W. Oregon. Thyroid disorders are
also beginning to surface. Doctors are treating the symptoms but fail to
seek the source of the disorders.

After four years of updated Medicine training a camp is being built to
deal with the future. We’re in the process of transforming an old shed
into a laboratory. Radiation and heavy metal poisoning is far too serious
for guesswork. High tech equipment has been donated that will allow us to
test for the level of contamination in the body before and after the
Transference Ceremony to be certain the expected results have been

Physics majors, Carly and Dave, have taken a break from college to join me
and help me understand the devices and how to use them.

We’re constructing a Camp Kitchen and a large gathering/ceremonial lodge
from the local timber. We’re off the grid, in semi-primitive conditions
with fresh spring water. We have a Medicine
Tipi and on the mountainside we have a questing shelter facing east that
overlooks the valley. What we don’t have are extra hands to build the
ceremonial lodges.

There is never a charge for my Medicine Work but we sure could use help
putting the sanctuary together along with a large dose of enthusiasm.

I would like to add that while I was in hospice care because of heart
failure, I had given up on being part of a Medicine Camp. It was the
Ancestors that placed me on the Medicine Path once again. I’ll continue to
serve the Medicine as long as I’m on the earth walk.

Our camp is open to all who come with respect and a good heart. A healing
can take one to four days, depending on the nature of your disorder.
We have camping sites for tents, tipis or trailers, and fresh water should
you wish to join us for a time.
Warms Regards,

Fawn & Carly Journeyhawk



My own personal family (brothers, sisters, etc.) are all just a bit older than myself, are beginning to check out (i.e. pass away). I myself have to wait to see about if I am going to pass away and come back 3 more times. I won’t know until the events.  BUT it looks like I’m on my way too, so it shouldn’t be real long before I know. I’ve got a lot of emails to answer, regular letters to answer and I just about incapable of doing so. If I am to go, I am apologizing here for not getting back to you. I thank those that have donated and have asked questions in those donations and I have a stack here that you wouldn’t believe, but I’m just so tired all the time, and I shake so bad I can’t read my writing. My wife is so busy to take care of me, a 20 minute break is a luxury to her, so I ask you to please forgive me, I apologize, I have had the intent but so far it is getting harder and harder. Most of my regular donators have either died off or have their own family needs for what little cash they have on hand. It is OK, we are still making by and still trusting in our living god. I pray that you continue to that, whether I am with you or not. I have no idea how long my time will be. Yesterday it looked like my time was up. But I guess not, I pulled through both times. I’m falling a lot though and it is hard to get around. Right now I do have a need for you to pray for me and us. I figured out this quite old and the side door is broken by the frame. Somehow we have to go about getting this frame fixed before winter sets in. I have little money to hire anyone and have no idea who to hire, everyone is busy. I’m not asking for money friends, I’m asking for God to fix this doorway for us. It is needed badly, and it is getting cold in here. When it gets down below 72 I think I am freezing to death because the winter comes through. That’s my big need at the moment and just pray about it for us. Dad said you can do it and when and is willing to. I’m pretty sure we have enough money to fix the farm to be totally replaced. Dad knows what is needed. Please pray about that for us because it is a very heavy need, it is getting cold up here. In the last one full year I have been outside 16 times, most of those times were doctor runs, 3 times were just for the heck of it and that felt great, but it is so much trouble to get dressed and ready and get out, I don’t want to bother anymore, I just am too tired, but I’m not too tired to pray for you. If you have needs, never mind donations set forth for prayer, dad still hears us and I will let it go at that. I am more than willing to die helping others. That would be wonderful to me. God bless you one and all, forgive me your unanswered mails, I am so sorry….God Bless



August 25, 2014 Update

Anthony continued on his travels and visited me (Heather) for almost a week. Even there he found things to do to help us with our move and the kids. He traveled on to visit his sister and will be returning back east in September. He says he will come back to visit us all again, and we all miss him. Red Elk left me a message about how he felt about Anthony that I will transcribe when I have time, but the gist of it is, if everyone behaved the way Anthony did – the world would be a better place for all.

What’s interesting as when one person leaves another one steps up. Now it is Canada John’s turn. Adam called me late last night to tell me that Canada John is ready to help with getting Red Elk’s teachings out and will assist me with this blog. I have just made him an administrator.

I hope for more frequent updates for you all out there.



Anthony Texts Messages

July 28, 2014

OK so today it seemed like it was going to be an uneventful day of just chores but at night time we had a very deep talk. It started as the story about him waiting an angel hand a story thats in the book. And then to the soulless guy from his story thats also in the big book lol but then I told him about a few of my experiences and I found out that lucifer has tried to take me out before because he knew I would grow closer to God and then he gave me a speech I wish we could have recorded cause I believe everybody should have heard it. It was about the many trials of those who seek God and Purity and the many trials ahead of me and all the real dangers I will be in which lead to how important your personal closeness with God is and to not let it be shaken through your trials.



Update from Red Elk about Anthony

Yesterday was a milestone to me.  With Anthony’s help I was able to get outside….to the

There I guided him on putting up my oversizes Cabela’s cot and LAYED IN THE

The sun felt so GOOD, but didn’t want to sunburn.

I haven’t had This type of outing in OVER FULL YEAR….PTL!

THIS WAS my 17th trip outside in a year as well.

1st real ‘outing’ though. ( :

Took a picture but it couldn’t be sent. sigh

I received 2 small donations yesterday.  Just enough to cover my trucks new tag and
to share with Anthony and my grandson. Both declined yet it’s the inner heyoka’ way and
would be a disgrace to not take…as it’s from God too. Aho?

Today M will take Anthony cheap shopping. Get him a belt. He’s losing weight…possibly some jeans as well. He’s very mum about his own need.

He and Sky are practicing mental telepathy, nightly. Making progress too. Then to
invisibility. Sky can teach him the 101 of it anyway. With Anthony’s reading and superb
memory, all I can do is add ‘chinking’ to the ‘lofs’ of facts already shared. An
amazing young man. Ho!

Doctor’s think I’ve broken my back…at neck and
towel waist.

Several bones open like a horse shoe…exposing the nerves there…this
causing all the pain in arms/hips. A form of arthritis they say. All I now is I

I’ll be OK, angels help, as well as Anthony.

Well, guess thats it for now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

OOPS…PS: far more starting to realize