Now it time to SERIOUSLY get “to it”….GROW IN HIM!

The “shaking of the sleeping child” is over.

They are either now up….or will miss the “School Bus”, completely.

I “foresee” a mass Rush for clothing and School Needs about to be. A dashing out to “catch the bus”.

Wrinkled clothing, no morning breakfast, near panic SCRAMBLING….just to catch that Now Leaving “bus”.

Well, better NEAR Late then late. I have done my job.
Now just to hold the door open, yelling “HURRY! HURRY!” as the children
pound down the stairs yelling “WAIT! WAIT! to the bus. Many wont make
it. They will be left standing at the curb. Missing the millenniums “Finals”.
It is sad, BUT true. ugh!
Aho? HO! Red Elk


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