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Those things (tellings on aliens, spirit world, etc. – DW) were only meant to show the TRUE Reality of the Creators Vast domain. That THAT is filled with mysteries and “unseeable” things.
Frankly, it was / is to help lead people back to thinking on Him.
Hopefully leading them back to connection once again.
Sadly, almost to a “man” its contents HAVE “opened” …. their FEARS!
HUNDREDS of “Where should I go (move to), to be SAFE” letters have come
to me. ALL MISSING THE POINT of their “Awakening”: GO TO GOD! That it
is Only in His “wings” one is “safe”. ASK HIM…not ME, I reply. A few
have listened. UNDER 50! Of those, perhaps 14 are LEARNING, as well.
A minute amount considering I’ve reached out to over 26,000,000 ! “Dad”
making that possible. 5 times I’ve told to that amount at one time.
Each replayed as well. Then too, other interviews via TV / AM
Radio / DVD / Internet radio / Magazines, as well as personal teaching to groups.
I / we have lost “friends” but gained TRUE Friends in all this. Sure
trimmed off the excess “fat”.
Through it we to have seen mankind at its worse…and BEST. By far,
worse. But, OH! The BEST! WOW! True revolving hi-resolution SPOT
LIGHTS cutting threw this Dark, Sinful, world. Yes indeed : WOW!












Be a good example for our children!


Creator’s on EVERYONE’S Side. Loves ALL. Just doesn’t like what His kids DO.

Aho? re

Why Do Hackers Hack?

                          Why do Hackers Hack?
These are ALL very insecure people.  Done by lack of Self Esteem.  They will go on and on, because they are getting no “credit” for their deeds.
How CAN they “get over it”?  BY SIMPLY LETTING THE PUBLIC KNOW WHO THEY ARE.  Their REAL Name / Etc..
They know this will land them in trouble…so don’t DARE.
Thus an on-going ‘doing’.  NEVER “CURED”.
Hate / Ego / “Superiority” / No self esteem…and on and on.
They know NO Living / LOVING “God”.
Are unaware ‘He’s REAL and LOVES  THEM. 
His Son died for ALL.  NEVER “Picked and chose / chooses”.
To you who may be a hacker….”HE” LOVES YOU!
To those who understand what I mean:  PRAY FOR THEM!
They are simply “Calling OUT” for INNER PEACE. 
LOVE THEM As Does “He”.  Aho?  
                                                   GB    re