The Broken Nose

Having my wife push against the broken cartilage of my nose. Trying to get the nose beautiful again.  ( :  OUR Granddaughter visited, saw, and asked, “Is your nose SWOLLEN, Grampa?”  duh
She (AND the Other, grandson) sure CHEWED OUT both their mom and Sky or NOT taking “proper care”  of me.      (  :
It is NOT their fault.  I TRY TO DO FOR MYSELF so they can “have a life”.  Aho?
They actuary DO do a lot.  I’m thankful for them.   PTL!
My arm finally quit bleeding. Cuts were rather deep . Past the skin….took meat as well.  Pulled all that off.  All,  I THINK.   ( :  
Another book  out.   “The Agenda” .  written years ago and lost when my server messed up my blog.  (STILL trying to get all back…thanks to Heather /  +  ).
Anyway, still alive and KICKING…though a real day-to-day challenge.
GB   re


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