Happy Death Song

Awoke a few minutes ago from a WONDERFUL DREAM!

A young man and his mother (?) brought the grandfather here…to prepare him for his funereal. (He was dead). As I did so I could see their pain. Sure loved the old guy.

So a SONG began forming in my head. One of Pure JOY! I began singing it, quickly at first. Then increased the “volume”….till the 2 came in and started singing with me. Skip Jumping around the old ones casket as I continued. JOY REPLACED SADNESS! We were CELEBRATING HIS LIFE…his Jokes / his Wisdom…his LOVE.

No bad memories. NONE! Just all the HAPPY TIMES each had with him.

This was continued at the actual funeral….MANY ENCIRCLING HIS GRAVE. DANCING. SINGING THE “JOY DEATH Song”. DANCING Native American Style Left to Right in a circle as the ‘shovelers’ would HOP as they coverd his “past”.

Each shovel tossed “on Q” as THEY had THEIR Feet “going’.


The song is still with me as I type.




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