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Time to Reprogram ~


Always check the facts

Red Elk never wants you to believe everything you hear, no matter who is telling you…he wants you to check three times to see if true.


Trust in God

I like how this meme from David W. was not just the third one he made, but he put the word important next to the file name. I love this message to not “trust” in fear! I never looked at it that way. So now when I feel fearful I remember to let it pass, and trust in God. ~ h


In 2011 – I received a request to have Red Elk do an interview with Spirit Investigators. This is one of my favorite interviews. H

Hello all,

What will be posted while WS, Adam and I prepare unpublished work of Red Elk – we have David W’s amazing work of reading Red Elk’s words and finding the nuggets of wisdom and making modern day memes out of them. Prepare to be inspired! I am!

Thank you so much David for your support! Red Elk is proud of you and his family is happy for the messages you are keeping alive in his original words.




Thank You Rosa

Dear Rosa,

Meachelle called me to tell me how thankful she was for your donations after you sold your home. She was shocked and grateful. She has been out of work due to a fall and then a dizzy spell. Your generosity seemed to arrive in a timely manner. Of course, it helps us all to know we are all looked after. Meachelle wanted to send you a card but since she doesn’t know where to send it, she asked me to post on the blog hoping you will see this and have a place to comment. I can keep the comment private or write you back.

I really appreciate your long term support of Meachelle and Red Elk’s family. It is amazing and we are all grateful.


Red Elk Update

Things are going really well for Red Elk. Anthony has been helping the family, Red Elk and they have been testing equipment to see if it is possible to take him camping. Sounds like they are working up to it successfully.

Red Elk is in surgery now

I just spoke with Red Elk’s wife. One patient is ahead of him. They
ushered the family into the waiting area. It is about time they are
going to begin the procedure. If they are able to put a stint in they
will. If the blockage is too great they will keep him over night and do
a bypass tomorrow. Meachelle sounds hopeful that this will give Red Elk
more time, and more quality of life to be more independent. I have to go
to work so I’ll update you later (and/or when possible for me to do so).

I’ve Got a Feeling

I’ve the DANDIEST feeling:  WATCH THE SMALLER BUSINESSES FAIL like FALL LEAFS!  Just a DOMINO effect. This taking Companies by UTTER SURPRISE!   Just “out of the blue”.
And this……SOON.  VERY soon.   Next Month?
I’ve no idea “where” this is “coming from”….none at ALL.  Or Why.
I don’t like it but THINK it MIGHT Come true.
Wish I “KNEW”.
Like our money will be about USELESS!
People reneging on bill obligations….”hiding” their cars Etc., from Repoman, etc.
Almost a MAD Mass “MADNESS” (of utter “loss” reason)!    UGH   ???????                                
Bank runs?  
All I can say…is: WATCH YOUR MONEY (buy, or DON’T buy….WISELY!)….and lets hope this is NOT true.  
I DON’T  K N O W !  



WE here are safe…to the East of us is another matter…ROLLING Smoke…DARK smoke.  This about 12 to 14 miles to  our side.   Lots of fire rigs out…3 area stations and helicopter.  So FAR no homes burned(ing).
Fire Department thinks arson.
Meanwhile, I feel rather secure.  Time to grab PCs / Dogs / Sleeping Bags and GO!  Or NOT do so and GO with my “on my belt” WALK OFF KIT.  Enough that I can (with DAD and KNOWLEDGE) “make it” for three + dogs.
See how EASILY a “Go…NOW!” order can benefit you? IF YOUR WEARING THE BASIC NEEDS!  ????
Let people laugh…they will GO with ONLY WORRY AND FEAR!
DON’T let their laughter STOP you!  (Remember NOAH)!