An Aussie brother wrote:

Thankyou so much for your reply!

I have left some further contact with Helen to  show you, once you have contact Red Elk again with her, and offer you a couple of photos of me and Mel, the beautiful woman I share my life with-given tobacco is quite difficult to send internationally, and some further understandings I have come to since I had a ‘moment’ this time last year. Thankyou for the ‘Awakwning Spirits’ recommendation…I took a lot more out of the message than I thought possible.- I heard discriptions of the brain and the way it should work! I have released my fear of the Sacred Silence… though I was in fear as of about six months ago when I laid down to meditate for the first time and ended up shaking like a jackhammer for about 10 minutes after – but my partner could not feel it in me..  woke me right up too!!! In my meditation I imagined holding an old ceramic water vase in my right hand and sort of scanning my body from above while on my back- I didn’t realize I was in meditation.. The closer I moved the vase up my body to my head the more vibrating it caused, until the pain I thought was a little much, and so I threw the bottle to the floor and ended up having words with my partner that she could not remember 10 minuted later- as I imagined it all.. Something now tells me to go for it, trust the god in me and Father all round, and to keep the attitude I have in seeking…

I have one main confusion in my work. I understand that we as a race are hear to evolve and accept the challenges that brings inner gold to ones soul and spirit by healing ones self through the mind and pure mind,  and through experiencing via reflections.Once this is achieved, then true healing for others and our Earth Mother comes into the picture. Where my confusion lies in where in ‘Awakening Spirits’ I am told not to heal myself as this is self serving. This came as a little shock but only before I could see what might be meant by the comment. does not the path of the Shaman start with the fixing and healing of ones own brain, and if this self healing continues for a time, is it the brain/mind that is not included in this self service, as a pure mind is only attained ‘purely’ by service to others? Is the work negated by willing brain connections that are not currently there… like willing the fusion of the 2 brain hemispheres, could this be what natural evolution could mean for our race?? all symbology I feel comes down to this either in the end or as the start of a new world. I have even heard you, Red Elk in your Armageddon Vision  express amazing representations of the many 3’s in man and also areas of the brain using geographical metaphors. It also resonates that all past civilizations are a new opportunity to change the pattern of the collective consciousness as the intellect can, but often fails due to the natural pressures that may not be known or at least not cared for… what a lovely crossroads we live in now!

I hope you have already felt the good wishes sent out to you and your close world family.

Red Elk replied:

That “crossroad” has ALWAYS BEEN.  Since BIRTH, each has the choice to grab it and hang on OR exploring the “man” (sin) world.  EXTREMELY RARE for ANY to stay with #1.  You didn’t…now “tripping” to get back to it.  Sure harder after “leaving”.  We of Medicine don’t have as much trouble…usually called to the work (and learning) at age 10 to 14.  Still not many years from birth. Still not easy tho…just easiER.  Aho?

This Breaking from old habits / ways to the Original way each are born with to go, SCARES ALOT OF “seekers” / Learners.  Some can’t take it and LEAVE the “way”.  Just shocks ‘em so badly. My ONLY APPRENTICE being one.  Levitated.  THAT’S ALL IT TOOK!  Left to home (Canada) the VERY NEXT DAY.
“Paying” for it now.  Warned him he would.  sigh

As for cigs…send $11.00 and I’ll foot the change and get ‘em here “In your name”.  Aho?  $11.23 A PACK here!  Postal rules changed a month ago.  Almost impossible to send via mail anymore.

Who is this first gal you mentioned?   re



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