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Boy…What a Day!

Boy, what a day….what a week! Today nothing
but trouble…daughter to Yakima’s hospital, with possible heart attack (no) forcing a days
wages lost for M…and ditto tomorrow. Sky acting up…tantrum…acting 14…his sister
and brother sped over and took full control. All because I asked him to get me a glass
of milk. He hates int eruptions of his PC games, for 4 days leading up to this were
all spent in purity teaching…USA and Canada. LOTS seeking. L O T S !!
MY NEW WHEELCHAIR set up 4 my body correctly…so too my new walker AND new fancy
crutches. Tried all…I’m a LONG WAY from using the crutches…maybe months, but CAN
do the other two fairly well. M and I moved things in the living room to use those two,
both too wide for hallway and doorway entrances. Still, I can practice better now.
Doctor tomorrow for me…swallowing good, helpful, less choking when I swallow. Arm and
shoulder doctor next week. Hope he can help. Months of constant serious pain is
almost unbearable. I DO see improvements overall. Praise The Lord. Bad off as I am I can’t help
but think of others so MUCH worse. Believe me, these “unseen” are FULLY PRAYED FOR.
poor buggers. And yes, even the USA’s “enemies”. They too have loved ones, just as we.
I DON’T HAVE ENEMIES in my mind. Agape love to POWERFUL. To me, ALL are brothers and
sisters. Sorry if you don’t agree. “Dad” loves ALL He Creates….and dwell within
me. REALLY. Aho?

I’ve a young man from the east coast coming in 2 weeks. Coming to help me and my family
to get a break from my constant needs. It’s wearing us All out.. quarrels and anger
pop up their ugly heads the longer this goes on. Not a good example of our Love. Yeah,
we need a real break….just to BREATH again thank GOD for this opportunity…..and
this guy.

Friends, I enjoy being a medicine man…..though not one who uses their traditional ways.
But I LOVE the spiritual ADVISORY roll I’m also a part of. THAT one keeps me going.

Please remember, I’m not your BOSS. You can do exactly as you want. Toss out all I share or
pick choose or go full blown into Purity. It’s all up to YOU. “Dad” calls this
‘SELF WILL’. So do as you choose, say what you will, think what you want….and get
on with your life. All I do is Advise. Up to you.