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Survival Tabs

Interesting Site that bears checking into???

Aussy Dave sent me this.

Rather interesting. You might be interested.


I like the idea of these Survival Tabs….$24 for 180 Tabs that u can survive on for 3-4 months….even at 3months that works out to 26 cents a day for food…or $1.86 a week….even if they last only 2 weeks cause u keep munching away on them, that’s still $1.70 per day or $14 per week spent on food…these tabs provide 100% of all the vitamins & minerals etc…plus protein & carbs….old people dying & unable to eat have been given these & lived on for years in some cases…apparently they taste good & u can just put one in your mouth & suck on it till it is gone……from same Camping Survival place in NY state we got our radios from HERE. Toll free number = 800.537.1339 ………it comes with a plastic bag inside lid u can put the tabs in & then carry in pocket leaving the container free to be used as a water canteen….GB