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Readers….there is SO MUCH “activity” that goes on ALL AROUND US you are unaware of.  So much, it’s MORE then what our every day life IS!

You see ONLY through a sort of TUNNEL VISION “way”.

“Dad” is FAR busier then WE (yes, Me included) are aware of.

We see only in a “Flat Vision” way…..NOT tho in a 3 to 5 (+) DIMENSIONAL way THAT EXISTS    ALL   Around.  WAYS YOU CAN ACTUALLY VISIT!

Dimensions ,  Parallel “Times”.  “Lil’ People”, Inner Lands, etc..  All HERE and ALL “Reachable” when In Tune / “Line”, with our Creator.

‘Shoot’, NO Need to spend $$ on “going to the movies”!   YOU CAN GO INTO PLACES NO CAMERA HAS EVER BEEN!  And BE there…(Not SEE ‘there’)!

If I…or ANY Medicine Person, told ALL they’ve experienced…..well, frankly, you’d think we ARE All “nuts”!

We are an AMAZING people. ALL Soul Bearers are.

You’ve Traded these abilities off, for technology.  Slowly going from “HE IS GOD” to  “WE ARE GOD”.

What a shame.