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Mother’s Day

(from Heather)

I would like to comment on Mother’s Day. What a holiday that is full of so many emotions. If you wanted to be a mother but couldn’t. If you had a chance to be a mother but had an abortion. If you are a mother but don’t get the acknowledgment of your motherhood. If you are a mother to many children but do not get the acknowledgement from them. It’s just interesting the emotions that come up on these “Made” holidays. I hope all have peace within it.

(from WS)

I would like to add birthmothers to that list.  There’s been an effort in recent years to make another holiday for them a week before, but do you ever see it publicized?  No.  As a birthmother myself it’s like they’re saying ‘hey, we made a holiday for you because you’re not a real mother but we feel bad we’re making you feel left out.’ Whether a mother gave birth or not to the child she’s raising, or gave birth but had to give them up, or COULDN’T give birth ever or keep a kid…THEY’RE ALL MOTHERS, PERIOD.

(from Red Elk)

I’ve seen STEP MOTHERS who receive No Acknowledgement.  Woman who have taken on a role of some one Else’s children.