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Mind of a child….

This one (“I”) would like to share with you, the reader.  So MUCH this one would like to share….TOO much…and to so MANY. It’s just impossible.  My life, since age 10, has been devoted to Learning the ways of “Medicine”…but ways no Native Americans have heard of in possibly Centuries.

WAYS of the SPIRIT.  This has brought on healing abilities only those Fully In Touch with the Living Maker can / will do.
I would like you consider a verse in Scriptures:  “The mind of a child”.

Reader(s), this saying says it ALL!  It’s that simple.

A child HAS NO thought Man “reality”.  They can believe ANYTHING.  No “can’ts” have as yet ‘entered’ in, thus their abilities are as UNLIMITED as their IMAGINATION.  Their Belief system so DEEP…it MANIFESTS itself!

To those who can obtain that INNOCENCE….the Door to GODLY DOINGS ARE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

It isn’t easy to “go back”, but it CAN BE DONE! Even the oldest can do so.  Age matters not.

AS you “achieve” even a SMIDGEN of the Child Mind you once possessed, the “hard” becomes easier and easier.

It’s when you “arrive” at this Innocence Time AND CONTINUE PRACTICING IT…upon looking “back” you’ll know how EASY IT IS!  SIMPLE “Easy”.  Aho?

SO Simple PEOPLE THINK ITS “Crazy”.   Mankind has to make everything so HARD!

Wasn’t that way when you WERE a CHILD!  Then, you didn’t “comprehend” the word “Can’t”.

I hope this helps SOMEONE to understand.  SOME to actually take what I’ve told here and begin DOING something about it.

We are a UNIQUE “people”.  Soul Bearers, one and all.

RETURN, friend(s).  PLEASE…..return.

Good luck.

CreatorGod bless.   Re