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Making a Pants Pack

The Making of a PANTS PACK

Using a pair of your own Jeans / Etc., this not only loads what one needs but also allows you to have a spare set pants.
Tradable with what you are wearing.
Using Paracord or strong line rope you tie off the cuffs.  huting then to hold your supplies.
The waist is TOO held closed by yet more cordage….through the belt loops.  This cordage can be doubled or tripled in length…giving a long line for ???
Heavy objects are placed at / towards the bottom legs.
The waist “fanny” section holds your sleeping bag or blankets.
The SHOULDERS hold SOFT wear….Sock / Underwear / T shirts / Etc.  This helps stop chaffing at the shoulders as well as making the pack more comfortable to carry.
If the fanny section wont easily carry your sleeping bag, tie the bag from the pants belt loops and let hang outside the waist.
This too to carry a tarp cover Lean To “tent”.
Wrap this tarp around your bag to weather protect the bag.
Pack the legs / etc. with the rest of your gear needs.
I like to use cordage, leg to leg, across the Stern.  “Locking” the pack on.
This keeps leg Slip Offs from occurring.  Especially when traversing SIDEWAYS across steep slopes.
This pack is SELF CENTERING.  The legs dangling straight down, though you may be closer to an different angle of walk.
I keep “immediate need” gear in the pockets. First aid / quick nourishment / fire kit / etc.
Make SURE the pockets are “folded” to to not lose objects with-in.
The belt loops can be utilized to tie wet washrag / damp hand towel / etc., to dry as you go about.
If carrying a rifle, make SURE the pack has a “clearing” (of gear) at your shoulder to place the butt stock to fit against your shoulder.
Wear with fanny in back / legs in front.
That’s it!
I’ve used this to carry out CORDS of firewood during deep snow times…carrying cut deer sections, etc.
I Came up with this in the mid 1960s and still use this to today.

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