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Facebook Response

From Facebook Friend:

“I wonder everyday. Was the destruction of the Gulf part your vision? As a native Floridian it feels so overwhelming to know the magnitude of the destruction of this ecosphere and the impact it will have on our entire nation is unmeasurable. ‘Papa’s gonna get his big belt’.”

Red Elk Responds:


BUT……..what I was shown had MANY “small” things INVOLVED.

Believe it or not, THIS OIL PROBLEM IS SMALL!
I did see a Nuclear Plant on the West Side of Florida “go”….I saw OIL go So HIGH in SHORTAGES that it would/could effect YOU getting to WORK. Literally NO money Out-Lay TO get to work UNLESS YOU MAKE EXTREME “Sacrifices” in Other areas….JUST TO FILL YOUR GAS TANK!
YOU think this “Homelessness” is ‘something’? WAIT! It will get UNBELIEVABLY WORSE.
High Gas prices can, and probably WILL H E L P be, due to this Spill….but NOT THIS SPILL ALONE! (Other factors will add to This Spill problem). Aho?


WE ARE IN FOR A “HELL” OF A TIME! (UnLESS we get our “act” together and apologize to the Great One and TURN AWAY from the path we are now on. THEN IT WILL  S T O P !!!

Doesn’t look like enough are “hearing”, let alone DOING, to stop this madness, I’m ‘afraid’.


Sadly, the Majority rules.

I and Mine will suffer as all the rest. Can’t say we will have a GREAT TIME while the majority have it bad. I am EFFECTED by ALL. All are.

All I can say is I, Personally, WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF. Somewhat “protected”. Saw ME and others LED TO WATER “seeps” and BIRDS BRINGING BITS OF FOOD….as I / We (DARN FEW) where Homeless, in RAGS, Filthy, Disheveled and WANDERING ABOUT…by FOOT!

Saw too, OTHERS who were in FINE SHAPE! The ones who “joined” the Worlds’ Government.

THEY “had it made”…IN THIS LIFE.
“WE” “had it made…AFTER this life.



Just a change of body(s). Aho?

“Big Belt”?

Yup…but think on that a bit……The “Trip to the Wood Shed” had a LOVE REASON for it! Aho?

WHO! Will listen…..?………?………..?………….. re