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Soul Mate Distinction

Hey Red Elk,
I heard once that a soul is split in the beginning of time (when the void contemplated itself) and when that soul splits it creates 2. A positive and a negative. Then one is the “man” and one is the “woman”. The two go into life and one will die before the other one. So during the process of reincarnation the soul may run into the “soul mate” but that person may now be a brother, father, grandfather, older or younger acquaintance, etc.

So therefore, truly meeting your “real soul mate” is not very likely but once in awhile they do join up after a few life times again.

So is that true or possible do you think?

I know 7 years ago my boyfriend and I didn’t get together, but we had some things to complete and once we did it seems as if we appreciate each other more so.

Also we are experiencing this thing we call “melding” where when we “cuddle” (oh god, I can’t believe we cuddle during sleep – neither one of us has before with others the way we do now) we can’t tell where one persons body ends and the other persons body begins. We lose sense of our physical selves and feel essentially like there is only one. Sometimes I grab my hand and start patting for his to see where it is that he is holding me because I can’t tell.

Any thoughts?

Red Elk Responds:

That “cuddling” is also called “Spooning”.

Lets go to Scripture on this “oneness”; “And the TWO will become ONE”. That “ONENESS” you are experiencing is the RARE one. Why? Most NEVER FIND IT…so go from One mate(ing) to another…and on and on.
The sad thing is an “opposite” takes advantage of this. Out for Self LUST while the other is out for TRUE COMMITMENT…True and UNCONDITIONAL  LOVE. “ONENESS”! Aho?
The LOVE wanter is Almost Always SO DARN GULLIBLE! And the LUST “lover” is SO DARN a LIAR!

What a mess our world’s people have become. sigh
A “split” in human original making? No, sis. Not THERE…and not THEN. The “split” came IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN. When the Creator “BIRTHED” WOMAN FROM THE BEING (rib) OF MAN. Thus the TWO actually WERE “(of) One”. Aho?

There is So MUCH to tell….only time WITH YOU/Mate can eventually help you UNDERSTAND via a Very LONG            T A L K ….not a simple “writing”. Just TOO MUCH.

The things our Great One has SHOWN and thus I’ve SEEN, is almost unfathomable. Just so DEEP it’s almost indescribable.

THIS is just but ONE. Aho?

You and I have spent time together….more so then most. You’ve seen things (with me) that others have NEVER seen (remember the Speeded Time and FAR LESS GAS on our trip from California?).

Yet that was CHILD’S Play to me. “Daily Events” (if called for).

Those I’ve Seminared to…generally a 2 1/2 day affair…get Only an INTRODUCTION to the knowledge “Papa” has given me. A MERE “SCRATCH” of the ‘plastic cover’ on an expensive book. EVEN MY WIFE HASN’T A CLUE TO THE THINGS I KNOW…and we’ve been married (“one”) for Over 40 YEARS!

I suppose I will die long before All I’ve learned can be shared. Then, too, DAY BY DAY, I AM STILL LEARNING!

(How CAN I teach “catch-up” under THESE Conditions?! IMPOSSIBLE!).

Yes, I can answer your question…explain better for you to understand. But not THIS (“E-mail”) way. AND you’d need more then 2-3…or 5-10 HOURS….perhaps DAYS, to finally grasp it. And this on THIS QUESTION ALONE (only). Sorry. Aho?

God Bless


PS:  You CAN learn by ASKING and SEEKING from “HIM” tho. Just will take your EFFORT and DETERMINATION. “Your HUNGER!!!
I’m not the Only one “He’s” willing to give to….just waiting on YOU.