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Life is Changing


Today I received a call from an Native American man/wife.  They are having a very rough time….he’s on 1 year probation and on Work Release.  Due to Tribal “Law”, he has just lost his job  (not being of THAT tribe). “Tribal People need the work…sorry”. Living on THAT Tribes land…now “We need the place for our people”.
This is life, being Indian.
“NOW WHAT!”????
Can’t afford to move to THEIR Distant people.
REALLY “Up The Creek”.  Aho?
We talked over options.  All the LOGICAL ones just not possible.  Just NOT!!!  So, what is left?  NOMADIC.
Not “HOMELESS”….NOMADIC.   They and their 8 and 10 year old daughters.
It IS Feasible…though he (they) must stay in this State till probation time is completed.
“What about school?”  HOME SCHOOL and using SAM CLUB as your mailing address.
“What about our truck?  It’s always in need of repair…and GAS!”   Sell it.  Buy bikes or foot scooters.
“Where will we Live?  Our “Home?”   Your ancestors had no problem with that. Even a large Tarp…as a Lean-To, will do, even in winter.
“Warm CLOTHING?!   I’ve lived in winters in regular street clothes STUFFED WITH LEAVES to insulate.  Bed of  blankets…stuffed too, sleeping bag fashion, on top of a thick pile of tree brows and leaves and dead weeds.  Live through a severe BLIZZARD in this  alone.  Quite warm and snug too.
We discussed Horse use (they have one).   Best you sell her and use the money to buy goats.  They can pull, Great ‘food finding’ , can give milk, quite, smart, AND pull.  Also can FIGHT!  Bears, etc..  Dogs draw attention and need YOU to get food.  There will be times YOU need the food.
Another option is a rather large canoe or row/sail boat.  ‘River live’….and yes, even in winter. Pull ashore and build a survival hut.  Generally a lot of firewood around the shores.  Anyway, an option.
“We know SOME things about wild-crafting…but not much.”   Yes, I know. You Native American have lost so much to the invaders.  Now use those same people to teach YOU.  Study on Internet…Library…Good Will cheap books , etc..  “Survival Living”  “Make a Survival Shelter”….”Wild Edible Plants”….”Healing Plants”.  There’s LOTS out there.  You may not end up doing this style living…The Creator has “ways” only He knows, but, just in case…………..
The thing is, YOU’RE DARN LATE ON LEARNING THESE THINGS!  Told you BOTH, LONG AGO, to Prepare.  (“We know”)…still, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!   Almost TO LATE!
And DON’T forget getting a FIRST AID Book!  THAT should STAY WITH YOU!
Readers, this is NOT a FABRICATED TELLING.  It has Just TAKEN PLACE!
Now, HOW PREPARED are  Y  O  U  !!!?