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“Wear” Run Kit Bracelet

The Snap on my bracelet broke. Shake to much to take apart the Parra-Cord and re-do.

Reason for all…right? After trying various ways, I wasn’t happy with the results. ALL Too BULKY…and looked bad as well.

Well, not NOW! I simply left it open, dangling straight down, then added four SNAP RINGS in line and NOW HAVE A KIT SECTION that’s ALSO my Pick-Up KEY CHAIN!
Hooking wanted things onto the rings as well.

I’ve it hooked to a belt loop on my jeans but CAN hang it around my neck (leather strap) and tuck it behind my shirt if I want.

Anyway, like it better this way then as a bracelet.

(For those wanting similar…look for them that are now being made as DOG/CAT COLLARS!