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Red Elk’s 2nd book: Lessons

“Lessons” is now available for sale for 35$ plus shipping. Please be aware that this book is not the lengthy book of Tellings as in “Short Stories” for the same price. This book is approximately 45 pages of Red Elk’s wisdom on “How To”. Red Elk teaches lessons on health, invisibility, levitation and teleportation and telepathy.

Red Elk had these out for sale in a printed pamphlet for 22$ per lesson.  We want to make sure you understand this is a shorter book, with actual “How to do” lessons.

Red Elk had decided to put this out, at the very reduced price, because time is too short to fiddle around. Red Elk requests

“That you do not complain about the shortness of this booklet, or the price, just be thankful it is no longer $22 per lesson as before. Now get out there and learn!”


Click Here to purchase Lessons.